NYC Day Four: Arcadia Press Day – Evans and Dorothy Perkins

I felt extremely fortunate to be invited to Arcadia’s press day, and while there I was able to preview Evans and Dorothy Perkins‘ autumn and…


I felt extremely fortunate to be invited to Arcadia’s press day, and while there I was able to preview Evans and Dorothy Perkins‘ autumn and winter lines. I’ll admit that my 9am appointment felt super early after the white cruise the night before, but I tore myself out of bed and made my way to meet Olivia at the preview. I’m so glad I did.

When I first arrived, I recognized fellow blogger Amy of These Girls Turn Heads. She walked us through the jewelry for the various brands.


One word came to mind: opulence. Lots of big stones, colored gems, and a healthy does of sparkle. There was also a lot of metal work with metal bows, chains, and fringe details.



I was personally most drawn to the earrings and rings. I love the post earrings that are big and going to show through my dark hair. I also like the rectangle-accented bracelet shown at the bottom of the top image.


After talking with Amy, another Arcadia team member led us through Dorothy Perkins and Evans. I believe his name was Tom, and he was so friendly and excited. I really enjoyed talking with him and Olivia about all of the clothing. I immediately was drawn to Dorothy Perkins’ racks. I love the color schemes and the patterns. Dorothy Perkins goes up to a US 18, so I had to keep my love at a distance — which is frustrating. I’ve never ordered from them before but know a lot of plus bloggers who do. I will definitely try some of their oversized items or stretchy items because they are too good to not give it a go — at least once.


Now shoes I can partake in! I loved these heels and booties with the embellished toe cap. To me it played well into the embellishment shown in the jewelry.


Dorothy Perkins had a good playful attitude with their clothing. There was embellishment in sweaters, different textures, and metallic threading.


They also had some matching sets which were really cute.


After Dorothy Perkins, we headed to the Evans section. I’ve been an Evans fan since I learned of them. I especially love their Collection line and the various other lines they carry: Clements Ribeiro, Live Unlimited, and Scarlett and Jo. Evans carries up to a size US 28, and I’ve always found their clothing roomy. Some of their lines do not go up to a 28, so be sure to look at size ranges for each individual line.


We started with the items that will roll into stores the soonest, which can be seen in the above picture. Lots of stripes and graphic prints, color blocking, and bold colors can be expected.


Later in the season we will see that theme of embellishment come into the pieces offered, and Evans’ mainline will have some oriental influences shown in the cuts and fabrics offered. IMG_0857


This dress had mesh at the top with a velvet body of the dress. This dress had a sweetheart neckline and a sparkly embellishment on the neckline.


Clements Ribeiro continue their love of bold prints, colors, and playfulness. This cat has zipper eyes, and I know I’ll see this popping up in a lot of bloggers’ closets.IMG_0860

One of my favorite pieces was the above coat (which is blurry – ugh!). It was cape-ish with pleated leather sleeves. It made me want to move back to the mountains so that I could wear it often.


After we looked through the line, Carina from Evans asked up to film our favorite items. I’m awkward enough on my own, and it only multiplies when I think a camera is going to capture it. We’ll see if they put out a video or if it was for internal use — regardless, someone will end up rejoicing in my awkward mumbling.


It didn’t help that the cameraman was cute!


Arcadia gave us a goody bag with lots of great items that will show up in future posts. What I loved most though was Evans’ lookbook. Here are some of the items I am most excited for during Autumn/Winter.

Live Unlimited


This cardigan is quite beautiful with mixed fabrics and a print on the backside.


Embroidered sheer top


Lace biker jacket (Olivia’s favorite) with PU panel leggings

Evans Collection


Knitted biker jacket — love the chevron and the zipper.


I’m in love with this print. It’s really perfect for working and then transitioning into going out at night. Both top and skirt are part of the collection.


Grey Seam Panel Tunic


One of my favorites: the blurred check kimono dress

Evans Mainline


Jacquard cocoon coat


Embellished jacket, embellished front vest (or tank top as we Americans say it), black coated jeans (love)

Clements Ribeiro

cphoto (65)

Sorry for the shoddy picture, but I couldn’t find the promotion versions of these.

photo (66)

I walked away from the press day really excited about what Evans was doing and also a little terrified for my wallet. With Evans housing their own lines and also collaborating with others, there is starting to be a lot of different voices being represented in Evans store, which allows more women to find items that fit their particular aesthetic.

What piece(s) caught your eye? What are you most excited for in the AW’13 items?

Oh, we also received a 25% off code for! You can use it too, now through July 15th, 2013, with the code: FFFWEEK13

Happy shopping:)


  1. thanks, rebecca! i was able to get the clements ribero dress i wanted with basically free shipping thanks to that code. cheers! xo

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