It’s been quite awhile (a year!) since I’ve participated in collaborative blogging challenges (I used to be a part of Five Take), and recently I was inspired by a group of bloggers doing themed posts called Outside of My Comfort Zone. Their mission is to push the boundaries they have either adhered to or unknowingly kept and try new things fashion-wise that aid in confidence and body acceptance. I had been following their posts for awhile, but it was Rachel’s post about Fashion Rules that kind of shook me and reminded me that I still have a really hard time getting out of my own comfort zones. I may have different comfort zones than a few years ago, but I still find myself sliding back into old habits (jeans + tshirt has been my jam this summer). I asked these lovely ladies if I could join, and here I am taking on my first post.


This week Rachel chose the theme Stand Out from the Crowd. I think we can all on some level relate to the desire to fit in to a crowd and not draw attention (hello, high school). There’s certain situations where I feel confident to stick out, such as in a classroom, but there are also situations or ways of being that I shrink away from. The one I have the absolute hardest time with is dressing “sexy” (whatever that is). I can go out with friends and they are willing to own their sexual appeal, but not me. I even feel awkward writing about it.

While I will always be a more conservative dresser, I need to work on allowing myself to be and feel sexy, and for me that translated into a well fitted dress and red lips.




This City Chic dress is my kind of sexy. It fits closely up top and flares at the hip, enhancing my natural body shape. I love the white piping. It’s simple, but that’s me. Red lips are always sexy to me. I wore Revlon’s Just Bitten Lip Balm Stain in Romance.

While “sexy” is my Stand Out from the Crowd look, others may have took on that theme completely differently. Check them out below:

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City Chic Dress, Urban Outfitters heels, eBay clutch

Do you struggle to stand out from the crowd? How so? How would you have taken on this theme?