This OMCZ challenge is a little funny because if there is any kind of clothing that will keep me in my comfort zone, it is very much so my nightwear. I am the most picky person with what I wear to bed. It can’t be pants because they will get caught up under me as I sleep. I can possibly do a short dress, but I will find myself swaddled like a baby in that too. When I walk around the house in “loungewear”, I do awful things like wear once-expensive basic dresses/sundresses that look like I have beaten them up and that they only would cost $5. For as much as I love to dress up, when I dress down, I dress really down.

So, this challenge made me think about when nightwear is important to me, and honestly I can only remember purposefully buying pajamas around Christmas time every year.

When I was in high school, me and my friends all bought onesies or footie pajamas. We would wear them on band trips or basically just to have a laugh. They became a staple in my Christmas morning look because there was nothing that awakened the Christmas spirit like channeling the child inside myself and making everyone else slightly uncomfortable at the same time.


As I outgrew the onesies, my next holiday pj of choice were the themed pj pants from Old Navy. Every year, all of their sections including plus get holiday print pjs.

cn6979587(their Halloween styles are out now)

As for nightwear, I’m about as boring as boring gets. Let’s hope the other ladies in the OMCZ challenge take their nightwear a little more creatively:





Becky Brown








Hollie Http://


Do you take your nightwear seriously or are you like me and basically have it as the last thing you think about?