Eek, late for this week’s OMCZ, BUT I really enjoyed it! This week’s theme was “pick your own” way of breaking out of your comfort zone.

OMCZAs much as I have worn dresses out to events and on this blog, there is one place that I go to often that I have never worn a dress to: to work. I teach at a university. I walk around campus all day and then I’m up and down during my classes. It has to be a very, very comfortable dress for me to consider wearing it to class. Kiyonna had sent me their Trinity Twist Dress (I already had the top version), and I knew it would be perfect for school because of the soft and light weight material and the length of the dress (right below my knees).


It’s finally feeling fall-ish in NC, so I went with an accent scarf and a denim jacket. This made it super easy to wear all day. Whether I was teaching or in my cold office, I felt comfortable and chic. 

When I first started blogging, I was surprised how many people in the fatshion/plus-size fashion community wore dresses all of the time. I grew up in jeans. I wore jeans EVERYWHERE (a lot of times accompanied by flip flops), so dresses have always felt a little odd, even though I am getting more and more used to them. Dresses are definitely more comfortable than some of my dress pants, so it looks like I will need to continue pushing OMCZ at work.



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Are there certain kinds of clothing items you hold back from wearing at work or school (not necessarily inappropriate but outside of your comfort zone)? 

*Kiyonna gifted me the Trinity Twist Dress. All opinions expressed are my own. (It’s a wonderful piece–and on sale right now!)