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  Hello! Just a quick post today 🙂 I am up to my eyes in responding to student work as we quickly approach the final…



Hello! Just a quick post today 🙂 I am up to my eyes in responding to student work as we quickly approach the final weeks of the semester. Wow! I can’t believe that I am already about to complete my first semester there. I can’t remember if I mentioned it on here or not, but in August I got quite the surprise of being taken on as a full-time lecturer at the university where I did my graduate work. The first two months were hard (and I was sick with Anemia–which is awful), but the last couple months have really been inspiring, fun, and (still) hard. I love it though. I’m very thankful to have a job that makes me happy and fulfilled, even though I know it’s not guaranteed after this year, I’m still glad to have this year to learn and grow as a teacher.

Besides my job, I have lots of other things to be thankful for: readers who come back when I disappear for a month at a time, fellow bloggers who are constantly “putting themselves out there” for readers, like me, to read and enjoy, that my health issue is continuing to get easier to manage, and my family and friends. I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities this past year in blogging and in my work world, and I hope to continue to put myself out there to gain more.

I hope those that celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday, and that those who are outside of the US or working over the holidays also experienced the joy that surrounds holidays.

As for Thanksgiving Day itself, I wore this super comfortable Kiyonna Wrapped in Romance Dress. I always get compliments when I wear a Kiyonna dress, and when I’m wearing a maxi I tend to respond that I get the luxury of looking nice while wearing, what feels like, lounge wear. It’s THAT comfortable!


This is a true wrap dress. There’s plenty of fabric, so it is not one of those wraps that you have to keep tugging at all day. It has dolman sleeves, so it’s a little more drape-y up top. I really loved the gathering at the shoulders. My hair is unfortunately covering it up, but it gave the top a great shape.


I accessorized with a gold, glittery clutch, a big cocktail ring, and gold lace earrings. I was overdressed compared to the rest of my family, but what’s new there? :-p




Kiyonna dress (gifted), Aldo clutch (similar), Target ring, etsy Topiary Designs earrings

What did you wear for Thanksgiving Day?


  1. Lovely to see a post from you m’love! But keep going with all the workl!

    I’ve always wanted to try a Kiyonna dress as they look so elegant and fitted perfectly to plus size figures, this looks gorgeous on you!

    All my love!

    Diamonds n Pearls

  2. I love the wrap dresses and this one looks wonderful on you. I too, have struggled with health issues but I am so glad that you love your job. You are truly blessed.

  3. You have had lots of success – full-time lecturer, blog followers and fashionista guru! I have always loved this color and you wear it so nicely – classic and simple. I think a touch of gold earrings were the perfect combo. The best is your smile!

  4. This is so glamorous and sophisticated! You’ve definitely been sporting dressier and more elegant pieces lately, and I love seeing how varied your style is. That green is a great color for the holidays, too.


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