When I first started this blog, I was a new graduate student who only had classes 3 nights a week. It later turned in to more time being and working at the university, but I was a student and I had a good deal of time on my hands, even if it was meant to be spent researching and writing. Well I’m in my 3rd year here on theplussideofme.com (which just seems crazy–it’s really been that long?!), and my life has changed and so has my fashion. Over the last 2 years, I’ve really struggled to find my voice again. It was really easy for me to drag on the nearest (and less wrinkled) black pants and plain colored sweater and head to school to teach. I was creatively inspired in graduate school, and now I was being a teacher and needing to dress in pants more than jeans. It was a transition and not a smooth one!

Since August, I’ve been working at the university where I went to graduate school, and the creative inspiration is coming back. It makes me excited, so I’ve decided that this year I’m going to really put a focus in finding out what it means fashion and otherwise to be a 25 year-old “professional” for me. I’m lucky in that my university does not expect suits or blazers, so I’m able to have fun with it again and find my style within all the possibilities.

I started back a week and a half ago, and I’ve worn a lot of outfits that I already love. Below is one of my first looks of the semester:


I won’t lie. I kind of maybe wear this top at least once a week. It’s from Evans, and it is honestly the most comfortable top I’ve ever owned. It’s the perfect length and lightness for me when I teach (I often get hot and I move around a good bit). I paired it with this mixed material Michael Kors jacket. This piece is also light, which I love. It’s faux leather with a suede-like interior. The back and arms are a soft cotton, and it’s a great in-between of a cardigan and jacket. While I ended up liking the size I got, if you want a tight fit, you could probably size down once.





The Evans top isn’t the only piece I wear often. I’m almost permanently wearing these Torrid Ankle Zip skinnies during the work week. They fit great and I tend to gravitate more toward skinny jeans than other styles.  I do not wear a lot of jewelry when I teach because bracelets end up destroyed or I use a necklace or ring as a nervous crutch and will continually mess with them. Earrings are safe though! I finished the look with House of Harlow’s signature sunburst earrings.

aaIMG_8756Evans top (similar), MICHAEL Michael Kors jacket, Torrid Stiletto Ankle Zip jeans, House of Harlow Sunburst earrings (similar), Target wedge heels (similar)

What does “professional” look like for you? Do you have freedom in your work clothes? Do you have a cultivated style at work?