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On Saturday, my sister and I decided to head to Charlotte to do some exploring. I’ve lived outside of Charlotte for the majority of my…


On Saturday, my sister and I decided to head to Charlotte to do some exploring. I’ve lived outside of Charlotte for the majority of my life, and I work in “North” Charlotte outside of the main city, but I very rarely get to go into the actual city. When I was young, the city felt truly magical. Charlotte is a small city in comparison to others, but Charlotte seemed huge when I saw the skyline and all of the lights when I was little. My mom used to take me to a play or concert once or twice a year, and I always was able to dress up for these occasions. They are some of my best childhood memories. Now that I’m older, I’m wanting to explore the city in a different kind of way. I want to make it less distant and more familiar to me. I’m starting to learn various neighborhoods, and on Saturday my sister and I headed to NoDa (known as the arts district) to eat and walk around.


It was so sunny and it made me think that I would have some warmth finally, but I was very wrong. Windy and chilly, I ended up luckily having my Michael Kors sweater in the car and wore it all day. It wasn’t my intention, though, and I sadly did not get any shots of the H&M short dress that I was wearing under the jacket. It’s shaped much like the one they have below, except the sleeves end right above the elbow and the collar is crew cut with beading. 

I never shopped at H&M until about a month ago. H&M came into my local mall, and I went in not even thinking that they would have a plus size section. Luckily I found myself in there and was happy to see that many items ran large and were in stretchy fabrics. I picked up the tunic pictured above and the one I’m wearing, and I also got 2 tops. Major score considering stores that I considered similar (like F21) usually have me fighting with clothes in the dressing room. I will say that 95% of the options in the plus size section were black and my store only had about 15-20 items, but I am still really happy with the items I bought there.


Originally I had folded under the tunic/dress to make it appear as a top, but I kinda like it longer like this too, especially without the jacket. I also really like the beaded detail. This has already been through the washer, and all beads are still intact — awesome :).

aDSC_0028Michael Kors jacket, H&M tunic/dress, Torrid jeans (no longer available), Old Navy flats, and Aldo purse

Do you have any place near “home” that you want to explore too? How do you change up your usual places to go?


  1. Aw! You were literally 2 minutes from my house! I really need to visit H&M soon. You look adorable!

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