So often during the winter, I find myself wearing the same exact colors. This winter my main ones are deep reds, grays of various shades, and black (and I should probably add “electric blue” to the list as well). I have various tops and bottoms in these colors, and I can mix them around quite easily. When I’m getting ready at 5:30 in the morning, easy is exactly what I want. Luckily, I was able to stock up on many interchangeable pieces from Old Navy before the holidays, and I thought I’d share my fit/buying tips with this outfit.


As much as Old Navy can get on my nerves with not having plus sizes in store and not having the same sales in plus size as elsewhere, they still carry pants that fit me well, so I am pretty much at their will when they come out with new styles/colors. This color was offered in the fall as part of their skinny pant style, but now they have a similar style called “pixie ankle pants” that have the same shape and come in various colors and prints (I recently picked up the “Goodnight Nora” color and love it). Old Navy’s sizing can be all over the place, and I know their pants don’t fit everyone well, but I pretty consistently need to buy 1 size higher than the size I wear elsewhere when it comes to pants.


Evans faux leather jacket (similar), Old Navy sweater, Old Navy pants (similar)

I very rarely buy tops from Old Navy’s plus size section because I often don’t care for the style, but I have had a lot of luck in their Women’s Tall section. Their Tall fit has an extra 1/2″ across shoulders, a lower waist position, and a longer length: all things that work well for my body shape (I’m 5’4″ with a long torso). I’ve only bought sweaters and knit tops (no woven) in their XXL Tall, and so far all of them have fit really well. I definitely recommend trying it out, especially since these styles are more on par with the selection provided in store.

One last note, never, ever buy from Old Navy without a promo code! They MAYBE have 10 days of the year where there is not a promo code. Give it a couple days and one will come up. I pretty much wait until the code is in the 30-40% range because those codes come up so often. ON always has the code at the top of their website, so it’s easy to locate.

Do you have a winter color palette? Any other Old Navy shopping tips you’d suggest?

P.S. is anyone bothered that I had two themes going on in one post? I feel a little all over the place 🙂