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This morning I tweeted/instagramed my outfit of the day that featured a dress that had spent months in my closet and was just finally being…


This morning I tweeted/instagramed my outfit of the day that featured a dress that had spent months in my closet and was just finally being worn. It’s an ASOS Curve dress that many bloggers have worn before, and I didn’t style it in any kind of new way, but it was still bold for me. It’s funny how after years of blogging, there can still be an item you love but feels “bold” or a step out of the norm for you.

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After I posted it, all of you lovely people gave me a lot of encouragement, and I really enjoyed wearing the dress. This dress had multiple things that were unusual for me: a swing dress shape, bright color, and animal print. It’s one of those dresses that you wear and mean to be seen in.


This was a different than my typical teaching outfits, so I kept it pretty simple. I love how these other bloggers style it though:

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PicMonkey Collage4

The Closet of Megan Faye


Nicolette Mason and Gabi Fresh


Nerd About Town


Diamonds n Pearls


Matters of Merrymaking


aaIMG_9009ASOS Curve dress, Evans leather jacket (similar), Old Navy leggings

Lately I feel a little like a broken record about how I’m wearing things I wouldn’t normally wear, but it’s true. I was in a fashion rut and was lacking confidence for a few months there. It feels so good to get back to the inspiration and joy I once got from fashion and the plus size online community.

Thank you for all of the encouragement! 


  1. RWB animal skin OH MY! I could not do it but I really like how you met the challenge and it’s interesting to see how other bloggers interpreted the same top. Glad you are still blogging!

  2. I like the way all of you wore the same outfit. It looks good on all of you. I love the black leather coat with it and the black tights

  3. So sexy 🙂 It’s a beautiful print that is bold, but yet does not overpower! And I am also glad you are getting back into the swing of things!

  4. You look amazing in this dress, they way you styled it just allowed the dress to stop and i love that! I’m finding it really difficult to.force myself away from black!


  5. I’ve seen this dress around the plus size blogging world a lot lately, and it’s been so cool to see it styled in such various ways. Fashion and beauty ruts are a drag, so I’m happy that you feel inspired again to try some new and different things. My budget doesn’t allow for a lot of new pieces right now, so I’m trying to find as much inspiration as I can to remix the pieces I already have.


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