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In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the chance to talk with a few new bloggers, and it made me think a lot about…


In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the chance to talk with a few new bloggers, and it made me think a lot about the bloggers I read when I first started blogging and the year or so after. Many of those blogs that were/are hugely inspirational to me are still up and running with new content, and other ones are no longer or not often updated or have changed direction or moved over to other platforms like Instagram. Some haven’t blogged since 2012, and others have posts from just a few months ago. This post is all about the blogs that may no longer be updated or rarely updated. All of the following 6 have wonderfully rich archives with outfit inspiration that can serve you today. I hope you’ll check out these blogs that really played a role into who I am as a fashion blogger and take a long good look through their archives.

A Well-Rounded Venture

awellroundedventureNicole is probably the most influential blogger I ever had contact with. She was one of the first to talk with me, and I related to her so well. We met up in the summer of 2012 to go to FFFWeek together. It was a great time (even though I was a little uptight because the city scared me haha). Check out her Instagram account as well.

Buttons, Bows, and Brogues


Mode Plus

Mode Plus

Mitten Paws – Check out her Instagram. Be warned, you’ll be hungry after!

mitten paws

An Olive a Day

an olive a day

Saks in the City

saks in the city

What were some the blogs that inspired you most when you first came upon plus-size fashion blogs? Feel free to share blogs that are no longer updated!



  1. Thanks as always. I like “A Well-Rounded Venture” so much I stole her for my Blog Roll. And I loved that the two of you know one another. I always love the personal part of our world.

  2. These girls are fabulous. I look at a couple of them and I say “plus”? Some have skinny legs and some are more ‘”well rounded” than the others but each have a specialness about their lives and the way they express themselves thru their style. But then again, Plus is considered size 12 on up the line and that is why the plus size clothing is modeled by those 12 and 14 models. It is a shame that we all look at size as a qualifier but we all do it in some way everyday. Weight is tied up to so many issues. I define myself by my size 18 body. It affects my self image, even in my 50s. I automatically go into the plus size sections in stores instead of the regular sizes like I used to and move on up if I needed. As we all see, there are so many cute plus clothes out there, you just have to find them. That’s what these blogs are about somewhat, finding cute outfits that look good on us. But these blogs are more than just clothes. We get to know each other from all over the world. We take a peek into each others lives and make friends. I haven’t ever seen these blogs before but I would like to challenge these girls to come back if they have left. We need you! We are one big “fat” family.

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