In the past I never liked wearing leggings with dresses, but for some reason this season I’m kind of loving it and have been wearing them multiple times a week with different dresses and tunics. Since I am 5’4″, I find myself most likely this style with what I call “short” dresses, those that would land above my knees.

My first look is with this Evans asymmetrical dress, which I love lots (and is now $37). I wear this dress pretty often either with a belt and jewelry or without those things and a scarf instead.

raIMG_8829 raIMG_8840


I also like to wear the leggings with more colorful pieces. I picked up the following dress from Gwynnie Bee. It’s not my usual kind of print/shape, but I actually really, really love it (sorry the pics aren’t great on any of these). Unfortunately in both pics I have my hand over the tuck on the side, but that tuck also gives this dress a slightly asymmetrical angle, which I’m kinda into these days.

raIMG_9027 raIMG_9026


How do you wear leggings? I need some more ideas because wearing leggings is truly so, so comfortable!