I’m using my lunch break to blog about Eloquii because I am so, so excited about their return! If you’ve never heard of Eloquii, here’s a horribly brief history. Eloquii launched a couple years ago under the brand The Limited. I really enjoyed the clothes they had. It was often higher quality, trend driven, but also appropriate for work. They tended to have a more “night out” style or clothing and a “in the office” attire. I, personally, could not fit into all of their clothing (size 14-24), but those that I could wear were great, and I still have them. The Limited closed the division in 2013, and consumers were not happy about it. FYI: All images are clickable and will take you to the product’s page.

From Eloquii’s press release:

The company did not foresee what would happen next: dozens of influential fashion bloggers and loyal customers took to digital and social media to express their loss of a favorite fashion resource, demanding ELOQUII’s return.

I can’t help but remember Marie Denee’s open letter to the brand. Plus size women want a brand like Eloquii, and luckily many of the original team have worked to structure the renewed and independent brand of Eloquii that launched today.



“Our goal for ELOQUII is to be the leader in fashion, sizes 14-24,” states Mariah Chase. “We’ve listened to what customers thought about the brand prior to closing, and took this knowledge to build an improved experience that delivers an on-trend and price-conscious brand for a consumer who quite frankly hasn’t had the fashion options she should.” 

“We want consumers to see ELOQUII as their go-to destination for style inspiration,” explains Jodi Arnold. “Most designer, contemporary, and fast-fashion brands do not offer our size range, and what IS offered is missing the mark in our opinion. Our girl knows all the emerging trends, she just wants them to be executed tastefully, in her size and more importantly, readily available.”




I caught glimpses of the line yesterday on Eloquii’s instagram page. Customers will be able to tag images of themselves wearing ELOQUII with the #XOQ hashtag.  These images will populate the website and showcase the ways customers are wearing and styling the product.

For me, Eloquii is a step in the direction I want to go on stylistically. I wish the line included more sizes (that’s my forever wish about everything), and the price range will sometimes be out of my range, but I am happy that this is out there.



I’ve already picked up the following two pieces to see how the fit will be for women who straddle the lines of 24-28. I’m claiming “research” on this purchase :).



What do you think of Eloquii’s relaunch, new direction, and styles? What’s your favorite piece?