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It finally feels like spring has set in. I’ve been stowing away some dresses for a couple months waiting for warmer weather to appear, so I…


It finally feels like spring has set in. I’ve been stowing away some dresses for a couple months waiting for warmer weather to appear, so I was excited to put on this eShakti dress to wear for a department party. It was the perfect flowy fabric that kept me cool, which I was thankful for because we sat in the shade by a pond for a couple hours and enjoyed the outdoors.




I used to shop at eShakti when I was first introduced to them, and then it was about a year and half before I tried them again. I’ve been pleased with the three items I’ve purchased over the last two months, but do look out for their sales because shipping can sometimes eat up your budge (especially if you’re buying multiple items).


    1. I find them to be true to their sizing chart. I will say that most things I buy have more fabric (maybe too much) in the hips, which was surprising. I get a size 26 when I order.

    1. You do put in your height, which I find helpful. I tend to put 2 inches taller than I actually am because my torso is long compared to my legs. That seems to work well for me because I’d rather things run long rather than short.

  1. What a pretty dress! It’s just the sort of outfit I like to wear in warm weather — easy breezy. LOVE the floral details and ruffle hem. I should give eShakti a try one of these days…

  2. I’ve had mixed success with their dresses, but I love all of my skirts from eshakti. It’s relatively easy to find retailers with tall pants and jeans, but most of the time, they only have one length for skirts. Most end up a few inches short for my comfort level without leggings or tights on underneath.

    My workplace kinda frowns on shorts in the summer, so I’m hoping to pick up a few more work appropriate skirts this season.

  3. The dress is cute. I remember when I was in high school, there was this big thing with “grannie dresses. They were these sort of long dresses. I remember taking one to France in my Jr year and wearing it at a little dance we had.

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  5. This dress is so pretty. I love the embroidery and it looks lovely on you!! I’ve been checking out the other colors on the Web site and I love them all!@

  6. This dress is awesome! I ordered a blue one and I found it too long when I entered my real height because it’s meant to be worn with heels. It’s at the cleaners being hemmed as I type this! Ordered it again in red, knocked a couple of inches off my height and it came in the perfect floor length. I adore the embroidery and it just pops so vibrantly against the deep navy dress.

    EShakti is one of my favorite places to order from because they are not yet so popular that every plus size woman you know has the same dress!

    1. Yes, I’m starting to love it too! Sometimes the sizing is off. I went up a size for a more body conscious dress and it was too small, while some other pieces are my normal size and too big. Guess I should just do the customized sizing to save myself a headache.

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