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If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, then you probably are aware that I’m a flats girl. If I do wear heels, they are…


If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, then you probably are aware that I’m a flats girl. If I do wear heels, they are wedges and pretty plain, but lately I’ve been getting into tennis shoes/ sneakers/ trainers, so when JD Sports approached me to pick a pair and try them out, I knew I wanted something that was very new for my closet.

I tend to go with neutrals on my feet and comfort is the ultimate goal, so I kept the comfort idea but decided to bring in color and fun details that my typical shoes lack. After going back and forth over a couple different designs, I decided to go with a pair of converses.


I went with the Dainty Ox Summer style which has a texture on the main part of the shoe and braided laces. These aren’t wide so I wondered how they would fit, but they are very comfy and have plenty of room.

When it came time to style them, I wanted to pick something that would let the shoes stand out. I’ve been loving seeing a lot of bloggers wear shorter dresses with sporty shoes, so I picked a simple cream dress to go with these.


This dress hit me right above the knee, which is the perfect length for me as I really don’t like wearing any shorter. I prefer this dress free flowing, but you could always belt a similar style if you prefer that shape.


ASOS Curve Dress (similar), Converse Trainers, Forever21 floral studs

I think the dress and tennis shoes combo works really well if you know that you’re going to be walking around a lot or if sandals are not comfortable for you. Around where I live, this is probably a more unexpected combo to wear, so that can be fun too.

I’ll admit that tennis shoes for me used to be reserved to band camp and going to the gym, but it’s fun to see them incorporated into fashion. How do you incorporate them in your fashion outside of the gym? What styles of tennis shoes do you gravitate towards?


  1. I really like this look on you – imagine going to something where u have to walk alot BUT still want to look cute & feminine 🙂

    1. I’ve had this for so long and kept going back and forth about wearing it. I think it’s just a smidge short on me (although, it doesn’t look that way in pictures). I think I just need to find a pair of shorts to wear under and then I’ll be fine :).

  2. I love the dress and I love the shoes. They are so cute! I love tennis shoes with a little personality. It is funny that we still call them “tennis shoes” for they function for so much more. I go for light colorful shoes but a good neutral never fails. That is why the blue works so well. I have to have one with good support for my poor feet and high arches that I have to support with orthotics. Since my feet have widened over the years, It is hard to wear sandals and not have my toes clinching the outside of the shoe. I have gone to wearing a nice Mary Jane shoe with a little strap and these I use sometimes in place of tennis shoes or sandals. They are so cute and in so many colors and styles.

    1. haha, I was thinking about what to call them, but tennis shoes is what I’m used to 🙂 It does feel weird to say that, though, when I never use them for that purpose. I got a pair of wedges from Clarks 2 years ago and was pleasantly surprised by how supportive they were. Most companies don’t put much support in though.

  3. This is an adorable outfit! I really love those trainers, Im not a flat gal but might have to source a pair like those in the uk!

  4. I really like how you styled it. You took something that’s traditionally sporty and gave it a girly twist. Flats are my go-to everyday shoes but I love heels and wedges for how much they bring me a little closer to my husband who’s 10″ taller than I am.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I hear you on that. I have found a lot of wedges that give me the height but don’t have a very big difference between the height of my toes and heels – those are my favorite!

  5. Looks great! i have been wearing the reebok skyscape which are similar in their look, lightweight , and comfortable with support for walking.

  6. I like to wear what makes me feel more comfortable! dress and tennis shoes combo works really well on me. btw you look gorgeous on this outfuts 🙂

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