OOTD: Simple Summer Style

For some reason every year I begin begging for summer in March and conveniently forget that a North Carolina summer means one thing: humidity. Yuck….


For some reason every year I begin begging for summer in March and conveniently forget that a North Carolina summer means one thing: humidity. Yuck.

It’s been stifling hot here, and it’s only June, but I’m remembering quickly that for me less means more when it comes to my summer style. Over the last year, I’ve been slowly falling back in love with Lane Bryant. They’ve really worked on their designs to make them more contemporary and on trend, and I appreciate it! When I was in the store the other week, I was specifically looking for tops in anything but black (I officially have too many clothes in that color), and I stumbled upon this beauty.


I was immediately drawn to the faux leather and how the design was suitable for day and night. I’ve been trying to find items that I wanted to wear in the classroom and out, and the higher neckline allowed me to do it. I loved the chiffon hem that goes on the front and back, but when I tried it on the chiffon was cut a little too tight around my hips (this is my number 1 clothing problem, as most item are cut pretty straight and I’m a full size bigger at the hip). Well a little at home scissor work allowed me to take off the chiffon in the back and now it’s most definitely one of my favorite summer tops. I wore it around town today to run errands, dog in tow, and it’s such a striking top in person.


Colorful accessories would look really nice with this, but I went with gold jeweled sandals and big earrings. My recent trip to the salon has me even more blonde and I’m trying to get used to having a bit different coloring too.


raIMG_9904Lane Bryant Faux Leather Top, Torrid Cropped Pants, Nine West Outlet Sandals (similar), Forever21 Earrings

Coincidentally enough, when I got home from running errands I had a surprise package from Lane Bryant with a preview of their Isabel Toledo collection and her signature scarf. Amanda from Fashion, Love, and Martinis suggested I take it with me to the beach, so it looks like you will see it soon as I leave for Charleston tomorrow night :). Thank you, Lane Bryant, for the sweet and unexpected gift!

So.. about your summer style — do you keep it simple or do you still like to layer and accessorize? 


  1. Sweet! You look so cute. Since it is early summer, remember to put on a little self tanner so your skin won’t fade into your white top. Love shoes and jeans. How’s the apartment coming?

  2. Love this top and how it looks on you (and the blonde hair)!!! …. In summer, especially w/ the humidity (unusually high and long-lasting, especially for this time of year in Virginia ;- ) its as simple as it can be — really: I just went to the supermarket earlier (early dark: I’m really becoming a vampire now!) in a bra, panties, sundress, and shoes, period. Too aacckkk hot!

  3. Your outfit is beautiful! I don’t like summer, it’s to hot. So I only take a simple shirt and trousers or a nice dress.

  4. I try to keep it simple with a pair of large earrings or a necklace. But no rings or bracelets. I get sweaty and icky. i always paint my nails in pretty (and often with glitter or bold colors) colors though – if we can call that accessorizes?

  5. My summer style is definitely simple chic…no layering. I too live in NC (Charlotte specifically). I have hunted for the best maxis and long-wear tanks. My top pics: Jibri and Onyii and Co!

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