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I mentioned a couple posts back that I was moving, and I’ve been getting settled in over the past 2 weeks. It’s not the most…


I mentioned a couple posts back that I was moving, and I’ve been getting settled in over the past 2 weeks. It’s not the most luxurious apartment ever, but it is my (and Lola’s) little place all of our own. I had a good laugh looking at the mismatched furniture on the way over, but slowly things are starting to come together. I’ve even added more than the pics below, but I’m in the process of unpacking all of my clothes, so a more updated look will have to wait.


Lola got settled in pretty quickly, for which I am so thankful. I was more worried about her than me, but she’s done really well with not barking at neighbors and spending more time by herself (she’s lived with 3 adults her whole life). Of course I immediately unpacked my dresses, but I’m realizing now that was probably a bad idea since I need more closet room. Guess I will have to work on closet space based on seasons.


My friend Rachel’s grandparents were giving away their old couches, and thankfully she asked me if I needed them. Initially I was only going to have a love seat, so it’s been great having more seating for when people come around. I absolutely love my room. I went from a basement bedroom with no windows (still a nice room though) to a bedroom with 2 windows and an en-suite bathroom. I’m enjoying it!photo 1 (11) photo 5 (1)I rescued my grandmother’s old table from a warehouse and Ikea came to the rescue with chairs. The main thing I still need to work on is continuing to unpack and to actually decorate. White bare walls are everywhere, but I don’t have much art at the moment.

Besides getting settled into my new place, I also visited Charleston with some of my family. You can check out my instagram for some pics from there, but I’ll also be doing a post on what I wore and the exciting thing that happened while there in a few days.

Now that I am back home, I’m getting ready for my summer class to start in July. That means lots of planning and getting my office re-set up this week, but I’m enjoying how that’s getting me out of the apartment. Today I headed over to Starbucks to work on my syllabus some more and I wore a top that I picked up recently from ASOS. For a long time I thought that jeans were the hardest thing to buy, but, with recent luck with Old Navy and Torrid, it’s been tops that have been giving me the most trouble. I think this is because I tend to be attracted toward non-stretchy fabrics, and typically they are cut too straight from the bust to hips for my body type. Almost every shirt I try on is too tight in the hips by an inch or two – companies, can you make some tops with wider bottom hems?!


This shirt is a peplum shape which makes it more comfortable for me to wear. I actually wish I had bought this in a 22 rather than 24 so that the top portion would sit closer and end more near my waist, but I like that this top is a unique look for my closet. I can’t tell you how many plain Old Navy boatneck tees I wear in a week, so it’s fun to wear something that has a more assertive style.


I paired it with post earrings and some button rings I made years ago. I could easily change this look up with more attention-grabbing accessories, a belt, or fancier shoes, but a Starbucks work session just didn’t call for those things.



ASOS Curve top, Torrid jeggings, Target flats, Forever21 earrings, button rings

I have lots of pretty clothes that I’ve been wearing and wanting to show you, but it feels odd to try and take pictures on my back deck. Apartments aren’t known for their privacy, ya know, but maybe I’ll risk being that weird new girl with a tripod soon :).

Thanks for sticking with me through all these new beginnings!



  1. Congratulations on getting settled into your new place! You will enjoy living on your own, It may feel a little weird in the beginning since you are used to living with others, but I promise you will savor every bit of privacy you have. Wanna walk to the fridge in t-shirt and panties..have at it!! Lol, I love these jeggings on you! I will have to pay a trip to Torrid to try those out.

  2. Love the outfit, that top is great. Your dog is adorable! I can’t with that picture of her in bed, too cute! Your apartment looks great, can’t wait to see it when it’s all decorated n’ such.

  3. Love that top!! I also love how ASOS kind of forces me to buy a size smaller than I ordinarily would pick up. It’s a good feeling.
    I’ve been noticing you wear a lot of Torrid pants. Can you talk a little about the fit on those puppies? Or have you ever worn jeans/ pants from ASOS?

  4. I love the earrings! I have a necklace with a stone that looks like that, wire wrapped and I love it. “wierd new girl with a tripod” hahahaha laughed out loud on that one. I love your new apt, very minimal and clean. Im the same way. HATE clutter. thanks for sharing.

  5. A new home!! So exciting!!! I only became a home owner in my mid-30s… I wish I have the energy for all the exciting decor ideas I have. DIY projects are so fun but I’ve become too lazy. HEH!!! Enjoy your new abode and creating new memories in them!

  6. I’ve been checking your blog for a little while now and you’ve be an inspiration for me to try and get out of my comfort zone with fashion. Thank you for helping me gain confidence to try new things Your new place looks amazing I’m wondering if you could tell me where you brought your bedding from? It’s super cute. Thanks

  7. How exciting! Your apartment looks fantastic! Lola looks absolutely adorable snuggled up under the blanket. 🙂 I remember my first apartment (25 years ago!) and it wasn’t nearly as nice as yours. (I had hardly any furnishings, I was that broke). Anyway, how nice that you’ll have your own space.

  8. I know you moved awhile back but I need to come visit! 🙂 I love the look of your new place!

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