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About a month or so ago, eShakti approached me to see if I’d like to review one of their designs. After buying and loving one of their…


About a month or so ago, eShakti approached me to see if I’d like to review one of their designs. After buying and loving one of their maxi dresses in the spring, I knew I wanted to try out another style and customize the look. eShakti is unique for their size range (0-36w!!!) and their ability to customize to specific measurements, heights, and styling choices. It takes a little longer than a typical store to receive an item (within 14 business days of the order), but you get the luxury of buying an item that will hopefully fit perfectly. eShakti always has a lot of designs to choose from, but I find myself always looking to their interesting prints, patterns, or cuts. Usually I find items that I can’t find in other plus size stores. Cue to the dress that I chose to review. This dress is made out of a woven fabric — something I typically have to avoid because of my hip measurements. Since I knew I could definitely get this in my size, I decided to take a risk.




While I thought the original design was cute, I wanted to customize it to make it a great piece that I could wear to teach in or to almost any kind of event. I mad the sleeves elbow length, and I lengthened the dress to hit right below the knee. The length change was really helpful because any skirt that is fitted and shorter tends to slowly inch up when I wear it. This length makes it perfect for me to comfortably wear in professional and fun settings.


I played around with a couple different belt widths, but I ultimately went with an Eloquii braided belt. I added complementary accessories and a knot ring to finish the look.


When it comes to sizing, it can be hard to figure out which one to get. I tend to look at how the garment fits and where will it lay most close to my body. For example, in the maxi dress I bought, the skirt was obviously designed to be big and flowy, so I ordered the size based off of my top/bust size. For this dress, I knew my hips/bum area would be the one to consider, so I sized up to the appropriate sizing for that. Definitely use eShakti’s sizing guide to help you choose which one is right for you, or you can choose to completely customize it to your measurements.

I’m really happy with this piece. It’s very unique compared to the other items in my closet, and I finally found a place where I can purchase clothing in non-stretchy fabrics :).

While this dress is no longer available, you can check out their other designs here. Because they have such a wide size range, once the fabric is gone it’s really gone. I recommend jumping on a design if you really love it because it might not be there for long.

You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Have you tried eShakti? What designs are your favorites? How did the sizes/custom styling work out for you?



  1. Wow! I love this dress on you. You look simply gorgeous in it! The fit is perfect and hugs you in a very flattering way. How cool is it to be able to order non stretchy dresses customized to your specifications? I’m thinking of giving eShakti a try 🙂

  2. Hello Rebecca! I stumbled across this post and LOVE the dress! I will have to check out eShakti for sure! I taught writing as well, and isn’t it great to actually write once in a while versus grading papers? LOL.
    If you get a chance, please stop on by Curves Rule!
    xx Melanie

  3. Amazing dress. You look terrific!

    Who would have thought this came out so well? The design changes are right on point. But even more amazing is the fit of the dress considering the pattern adjustments that have to be made for indivdual circumference measurements and, most importantly, balance.

    Obviously eShakti have some kind of software that automatically translates the measurements into pattern adjustments (otherwise they couldn’t offer the prices they do. Which seems to work stunningly well. Awesome.

  4. Hi there! The dress looks great in you, but it sounds like you had a much better experience with eShakti than I did. The custom-fit dresses I ordered too about 3 months to get to me and, when they finally arrived, were 1-2 sizes too big. When I called customer service, I got a lot of run around and very little assistance. It took me forever to track down someone with the company who was willing to help and even then it was about another month of emails back and forth where I had to send pictures and resend my measurements and prove the dresses were too large. After all that, they would not take the dresses back and refused to provide a refund on the cost, the shipping, or the duty (the dresses are made in India so there’s a duty charge as well). They did finally agree to make me more dresses, but the one’s that came were of such poor quality (cheap cotton and a jersey fabric that quickly stretches out of shape) that they too are unwearable. I can’t recommend eShakti at all.

    1. Oh wow! Did that happen this year or previous to this year? I’ve purchased items myself but haven’t tried to return anything yet. I’ve never been charged duty fees though.

      1. This was last summer…haven’t purchased from them since. I’m not sure why I had to pay duty and you didn’t. I live in Canada, so maybe that makes a difference somehow??
        Anyway, after my terrible experience I posted a comment on their website (which was quickly removed by the administrators). That made me angry so I searched online and found quite a few people who had had similarly terrible experiences with eShakti. So, I can’t recommend the company and my only advice is “buyer beware”. It seems like it can be a pretty mixed bag in terms of their quality of service and quality of clothes.

  5. This dress looks incredible on you! I’ve always browsed around but have wondered about how the whole customization thing goes down and how reliable it is. Thanks for the report!!

  6. Reblogged this on roshshie and commented:
    Plus-size people always look for something that will bring their body look sexy. All you need is a dress that suits your body well and it doesn’t have to be tight but just simple and decent. When you go shopping you need to know which size you are and which color is best with your skin. Don’t just where anything that is trending, something simple and decent will make you feel beautiful and comfy is all you need for you. Who said that being plus-size you won’t be hot? Be original and love your body because designers have not left you with no choice but with great taste that will make people see you as a smart “hot mama”. All you need to do is appreciate your body size and the latest fashion for you with classy dresses.Simplicity, being decent is what you need to let people your beauty.

  7. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for other people’s experiences with Eshakti. Similar to an earlier poster, I had issues with their sizing also. I entered my measurements and paid the extra for the customization, and every single item was too large. I had a tailor take my measurements to make sure I was on point, and sure enough I had entered them correctly. I am going to have to pay $100 dollars in order to get them altered so that they fit properly. So frustrating, I am just glad I did get a discount on them when I purchased the items. I just emailed customer service about the issue, so hopefully I d not have an equally bad experience with that s the previous poster. The sizing issues were present even after I emailed customer service explaining that I like my tops to fit snug around my bust and under bust areas, to which they replied that they had informed the people making the garments. It didn’t seem to make a different, though. It seems like they think plus sized women want their clothes to fit like a sack so they can hide!

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