I’ve been hoarding this beautiful Scarlett and Jo dress for a little over a month, and I finally had a chance to wear it and take pictures. I really love to “dress up” but rarely have the opportunity to do it, as I’ve said before on here, and yet I still can’t get as “in to” casual clothing as I can dress up clothing. Maybe it’s related to my childhood fashion memories? All of the memories I have attached to clothing were dress up clothes: A strawberry dress for a festival (it was damn adorable), a deep red velvet purse with a “pearl”-stringed handle (that I took to an Amy Grant Christmas concert), and so on. This dress reminds me of those.




When Scarlett and Jo first started being carried at Evans, some (I can’t remember if all) of their items had a smaller size range, but they’ve expanded their designs to carry the full size range that Evans offers. You may remember me wearing their dress here in a smaller size than I usually wear. It’s now available in the full size range.


I’m 5’4″, so this dress runs a little long on me. It hits about 2-3 inches under my knee. It has a layer under the skirt with some crinoline type of material that gives the dress that “prom style” shape. The top is a very soft stretchy material, and the elastic band brings in the waist but is not tight or restrictive. I could have easily sized down once and fit well into the dress.


I went with gold accessories, big gold posts that I got from ASOS and a twig ring from their Curve jewelry. You can check out this Scarlett and Jo dress here. I also really love these two pieces:


Scarlett and Jo Skirt


Scarlett and Jo Floral Print Prom Dress

So what do you think of Scarlett and Jo’s designs? They left me feeling pretty happy…


*This dress was sent as a gift from Scarlett and Jo. I expressed my true feelings about the design.