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The nice thing about being a teacher is that every start of the fall season has that same excitement that I had since I was…


The nice thing about being a teacher is that every start of the fall season has that same excitement that I had since I was a little kid going to elementary school. I love beginnings. I love school. Now it just looks a little different, and I’m forgoing the brightly colored folders for office decorations and figuring out my teaching style.

I started adding to my school wardrobe in July, and I recently added some more pieces with these Labor Day sales. You don’t realize what colors you are oriented toward until you put it all together. I’m obviously geared toward blues, pinkish corals, and black. I’m enjoying prints as well. Although I will never solely wear black, grays, and white, I do find that those pieces work really well for my work wear, and allow me to play around with accessories and make up instead. I’ve complained in the past that I struggle with my style in the office, so I’m pretty excited that I’m beginning to find pieces that work for me. One thing you’ll notice is a lack of pants/bottoms. I still swear by my ASOS Curve jersey pencil skirts, Torrid jeggings¬†(in black and denim), and my new Lena fit pants from Lane Bryant. I also have some colored pants from Old Navy that isn’t carried right now.


B2S Fall


I was able to get the two Lane Bryant jackets for BOGO free. It was a great deal, and both jackets are incredibly well made. I also love both of the graphic tanks. I bought the palm tree top in person, and I don’t think that I would have been pulled to it online, but the trim has a sporty look to it, and the fabric lays really well. I’m loving longer cardigans for fall. The blue and black are great starter pieces, but I’m hoping to add in some printed cardigans over the next few months.
What pieces are you adding for your fall/winter wardrobe? What trends/colors are grabbing you?
P.S. A lot of these stores have sales going on through today, so if you click on the item I think you will be taken to those items.


  1. I’m just a cardigan girl. Love the black one. Bought one just like it at the Avenue. My girl friend loved it so much I had to buy her one. There is just something special about a draped open front cardi, the way it moves while you walk.

  2. I’d love to hear your review/thoughts on the Boucle Moto Jacket with the Faux Leather trim – I was eyeing that on Lane Bryant the other day, and now that I have coupons, I’m really tempted!

    When I saw those boots in this post, I thought “hey, I recognize those….”. I was in Canada two weeks ago and saw them in person in Penningtons! (I didn’t get them because I found other goodies on clearance :)!)

    1. I haven’t worn it out yet, but it’s a piece I bought in person. It’s beautifully made and comfortable for my shape, ending above my hips. The sleeves are slightly long on me, but I’m 5’4″ and have shorter arms.

  3. I ended up buying the moto vest and moto style knit hoodie from LB. That sale was awesome! I tried on a few things that didn’t quite work, but I took some dressing room photos so I could post about it. That will be up tomorrow!

  4. I like the layer look as the weather tends to get cooler. Just purchased the Faux Leather Cropped Jacket from Torrid. It’s cute and I can wear with a lot of solid or print tops throughout the Fall and Spring.

  5. I’m in and out of 13 schools all week long with my job so I’m going for things I can layer. I never know what temps I will find. I’m finding myself buying more solids and I’m really into grays with pops of color. I love your blog…especially the direction you’ve been taking with it.

  6. Its simply looks cool and attractive, the collection of new additions back to school are awesome according to weather details. I usually like to wear casual and simple dresses like that which can be easily found on online shops. Thanks

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