OOTD: One Very Special Day

Wooohooo! Wedding day post! Not mine, of course, because I am perpetually single, but my brother and Brittany’s! This day was so perfect. A week…


Wooohooo! Wedding day post! Not mine, of course, because I am perpetually single, but my brother and Brittany’s! This day was so perfect. A week and a half prior we were having non-stop rain, so the glorious sun and slightly chilled autumn air felt truly magical. The wedding was at an outdoor venue, and was decorated beautifully. Everyone was in a good mood (which for my family is sometimes hard :-p), and the bride and groom’s joy was palpable.

Figuring out what to wear to an evening, outdoor wedding of your sibling is a little complicated (or maybe I just made it that way). I knew it would be cool/cold, so I wanted long sleeves and a long length, not so easy to find! So many dresses in plus sizes are sleeveless, and it was hard to find a long dress that wasn’t styled like a summer-time maxi dress. I found a dress through ASOS, but it hugged my stomach. I went back and forth about wearing it because, while I liked the dress and felt good in it, the idea of seeing so many people from high school and having formal pictures taken reared my insecurity’s ugly head for weeks. Let’s just say that 5 years later with blogging about my body size and fashion, I’m realizing that body acceptance is constant work and practice for me. I finally just went for it. I liked the style and the color, and I was going to have to just get over the fact that it hugged my stomach and that it would show in pictures.

I was right. It did hug my stomach, especially in pictures, but I also felt awesome and confident in it all night. My confidence made the night fun and memorable. I danced, I played off awkward moments well, I talked to people I hadn’t seen in years and people that I just met, and I was able to forget my insecurity enough to put the attention where it needed to be: Danny, Brittany, family, and friends.

My cousin, Blythe, and me – She’s now my roomie!


This moment was one where you are forced to recognize how adult your little brother is. I’m really proud of the man he is and how he values Brittany as a partner.

raIMG_5494 raIMG_5575

Mom and me


Dress from ASOS and necklace from Charming Charlie


Sister Katie and me


I mean, look at my brother’s smile :). So happy for them both. Love you, Danny and Brittany!


  1. EVERYONE looks so gorgeous!! I love your dress. It’s just luscious.

    I recently got married in May and I chose not to wear a big wedding dress (I wore a white dress from ModCloth–still it was lovely and it fit our small backyard ceremony) but man alive–I wonder what it feels like to be her in a magnificent dress like that.

  2. I am SO GLAD you wore that dress because you look radiant in it! The colour is perfect on you, and I think the cut and fit is such a sleek elegant look!

  3. You looked absolutely gorgeous and you were so right..,it’s not our day it’s someone else’s. btw that bridal dress is nothing short of spectacular!

  4. You looked great! Your hair was awesome.
    I kind of love that there are more form fitting dresses available instead of stuff that looks like it comes from Omar the Tentmaker. I’m a pear with a big belly and I find the flowy stuff makes me look bigger.

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