A Week of Travels

The past month of my life has been a whirlwind of activities. Between finishing up the semester, having a heap of grading to complete, attending…


The past month of my life has been a whirlwind of activities. Between finishing up the semester, having a heap of grading to complete, attending a bunch of events, and trying to make time for sleep, I was exhausted and a little concerned about my long week of traveling. I was looking forward to these trips for awhile, but I hadn’t considered that I would have been so busy leading up to the trips. My apartment was a mess, I was having to stay up late at night to pack — yikes! Luckily, I did make it on the road, got through some storms on the way, and ended up having a good time.


First stop on my week of travels was Kentucky. My aunt lives there at a home school for the intellectually disabled. She’s lived there since before I was born, and I’ve visited her, I think, 4 times in the last 6 years for her school’s Family Weekend. I travelled with my sister and two aunts, and I knew it would be a mostly relaxed time. My aunt loves two of my favorite things: shopping and going out to eat–but maybe not exactly where I’d want to eat or go shopping. We had lunches at Frisch’s (a big boys diner type restaurant), and she tackled her long shopping list at Walmart. We also got a chance to hang out at her school, squeeze in a book fair, do some swinging, and see a talent show.


my aunts and sister


I got way too excited about this book fair. I LOVE book fairs, and I spent a good deal of time trying to look for odd shaped erasers that I would never actually use and other fun things.


I love this picture of my aunt swinging! The weather decided to be perfect for this one day of campus activities, which I was very thankful for. Warm with a breeze: I’ll take that any day.

I wanted to wear an outfit that was really, really easy. Black jeans+black top+kimono=easiest, most relaxed outfit possible. This outfit takes barely any thought, and yet I looked put together. Win!


ASOS kimono from last year, Torrid black jeggings

We headed home on a Saturday, and I had another whirlwind experience getting ready to go on trip number two. Visited my pup, cleaned out my car, laundry and packing, caught up on work, and errands. Woo! Again, I made it, and I honestly surprised myself with how much I could get done in such a small amount of time. For this trip I was heading to the beach for a few days with my sister and her husband.


The beach was kind of perfect. Not many people out there on the beach, and it was actually kind of cool. I was able to stay out sunbathing most of the day since it wasn’t too hot to do it. Note to self: May is a great time to head to the beach. Also note to self: Do not even attempt to take a “cute” selfie on the beach in the sun. It’s impossible.


For the most part, when I am at the beach, I am a beach bum. Not a lot of fashion is happening between sleeping in, sunning, and playing games of Mexican Train with the family. We did head out one night for dinner, so I slipped on an Old Navy top and my new ALDO purse.


I really like the print of this top with its small pops of yellow. Though it doesn’t photograph that well, I like that it fits closer to the body in the shoulders and bust but then is wider toward the hips. It also felt nice to put on a face of make up after keeping it so simple all week.


rIMG_7785Old Navy Top (no longer available), Torrid Jeggings, ALDO purse

I headed home a few days later, finishing up Me Before You on audiobook on the way home. After I got home with my pup, I think we slept for about 12 hours straight. What a week, but a good one. I guess if there’s one thing that I’m okay being tired from, it’s traveling :).


  1. Hope you enjoyed your time in Kentucky!! You must have been pretty far north to eat at Frisch’s Big Boy. It was orginally owned by David Frisch a local from Cincinnati Oh. Love the outfits!! Beach….just perfect to rest and relax!

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