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I have a love-hate relationship with Target. It’s one of those stores that frustrates me constantly with its mediocre-at-best plus size clothing selection, while also…


I have a love-hate relationship with Target. It’s one of those stores that frustrates me constantly with its mediocre-at-best plus size clothing selection, while also pleasantly surprising me with the occasional awesome piece. Shopping in the store isn’t exactly fun either. Target said they were revamping their plus section, and they did to a certain extent by coming out with the Ava and Viv line, but actually shopping in the store is the same: racks mixed in with clearance and maternity racks, few styles actually in store to try on and purchase, etc. After a little hunting yesterday, I found this black and white striped maxi dress hidden in the racks, and yet again I was both glad for and annoyed at Target.


Maxi dresses are my go-to in spring and summer, but they are often sleeveless or too formal. While I love sleeveless dress for outside events and to throw over a swimsuit, I usually want some type of sleeve for work or for other indoor activities. Because of this issue, this dress really appealed to me with its long capped sleeves. I usually only find plus size clothes that are 3/4 length sleeve, full sleeve, or sleeveless, so this is a nice in-between: long enough to be comfortable and different enough to stand out from other pieces in my closet. I also liked the horizontal strip at the end of the sleeve.


I also liked the sporty feel to the dress with the tie at the waist and pockets. Sporty isn’t a word I’d typically use to describe my wardrobe, so this was as “sporty” as I probably would go. I plan to wear it with colored tennis shoes once I get them in the mail. I assumed at first that the tie would be too low on the waist for me, but I enjoyed the shape it created.


I am slowly building up my tolerance to accessories. I value them aesthetically, but rings and necklaces get on my nerves when wearing them. One accessory I can get down with is a good purse. A colorful, patterned purse goes well against this black and white dress, and I liked that this Aldo purse had a small amount of stripes to tie back into the dress. I think most purses would go well with this piece. You could stick to a neutral or put in a pop of color to have the piece stand out (similar purse here).



I love the ease of this piece, how put together you can look with minimal effort, and how comfortable it is to wear. I even got a compliment on it within 2 hours of putting it on — it’s just a piece that does stand out.

This is one piece that I’ll go out on a limb for and say it’s worth searching out the racks (or saving your peace of mind and ordering online :)).



  1. It’s cute and the combo with the bag works great! I too have the same issue with maxi dresses, I love them and they are my go to but I usually can only find sleeveless ones/or more formal ones and then if I do find a cute one with short sleeves the fit is off, not long enough or the material is not as flowly as I would like…also now the new thing I have been noticing is two high slits on each side which I am not really feeling, I prefer one slit or something more like this and I definitley love the pockets! Thanks for sharing I guess I will have to check out Target’s clothing section nect time I visit I usually assume I won’t be able to find anything I like.

    1. Ah, this one also has two slits, one on each side! It’s maybe the one thing I’m eh about, especially because they fall toward the back of my calves so I forget about them until I feel them or they get wrapped up from it.

      1. Still very cute!!! The ones I can’t stand are the ones w two slits that are like so high up, yeah they are sexy but not your everyday maxi… They need to make more of this style I love the pockets the most too! I have yet to get me a maxi dress w pockets!

  2. DUDE!! Okay, I love a maxi but, yeah, like you said, they’re all tanks! Or formal. And I don’t necessarily always want to be wearing a cardigan. Not just because they’re too hot to layer in the summer but also because I want to keep things super casual sometimes. This dress is PERFECT for that! Good find. I’m going to go search for one.

  3. I was also excited about this dress, mainly because it actually had sleeves! Alas, the tie hit at a very strange spot and it looked terrible on me. I’ve had very little luck with the Ava and Viv line. I work for Target and I was excited to hear about the revamp, but when it was released I didn’t feel like it was really all that different from the previous Pure Energy line. In the future I hope that Target put more emphasis on the plus size line. (It just baffles me that they don’t) I’d like to see them making the same stuff as the rest of the ladies department and merchandised together as opposed to a plus size section. (they’ve already directed us to do this with the swimwear, it should currently be merchandised in the main swim block)

    1. Good to know about swim–I would have never known because there’s no promotional emails about where it is in store or signage. I wouldn’t even think to look because plus sizes are usually all together. I was disappointed to see that they had the regular sized Who What Wear line in my local store but not the plus sized options, and that’s one line where the could have merchandised together. Ah, maybe one day.

  4. I generally do not go anywhere near a stripe. Looks great on you! I might have to reconsider. As far as jewelry is concerned…when you are ready to wear it, since you are a minimalist in that area, try getting good pieces not costume. Sterling silver will last a life time. I have some spoon rings and bypass rings which I collect. Just one will do it for your hands…one bracelet that is quick and easy and wear it opposite to your dominate side. Great post!

    1. Good point about the bracelet. I do think I’ve always put it on my right side and then gotten annoyed with how it hits everything. Such a simple tip–I should’ve known that a long time ago, but I’ll try it now 🙂 thanks!

  5. I went and got this dress today! I would’ve never taken a look at it, but it looks great on you so I figured it was worth trying.

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