Trying a New-To-Me Brand: Lovesick

One of the most exciting things about plus size fashion at the moment is that new lines and collaborations keep popping up. When hearing about…


One of the most exciting things about plus size fashion at the moment is that new lines and collaborations keep popping up. When hearing about each new place to shop, my inner teenager who had only 2 places to go to gets really, really excited, but if you’re above a size 22/24, so many of these new opportunities are still out of your reach. Because of that, I get even more excited when there’s a new line that goes beyond a size 22/24. Enter Lovesick, a sister brand of Torrid. They ¬†advertise themselves as sizes 10-26; however, many of their tops and dresses are available in a size 5, which is comparable to a size 30. I decided to try multiple pieces, and as a definite size 4/28 top and dress size, the 5’s were too big on me and the 4’s fit perfectly. I decided to purchase the dress below in a 5 because it seemed straight cut and I was worried about the fit on my hips, but I definitely could have sized down once to have it fit slightly more to my form.


This style isn’t my typical look, but I really enjoyed the departure. It was freer flowing, boho-ish. The sleeves were too long and loose compared to the way it looked on the model, but again I really liked how flowy and light it was. I completed the look with a braid at the front of my hair and curls, though my hair is too dark to see that detail.



I wore it with black leggings since I was heading into work. One of the issues I often face with leggings in being really picky about what shoes are worn with them. Typically I would opt for booties, but it’s summer time, so I went with these sandals from Torrid¬†(which I got on clearance in store — not many left online). I liked that the criss-crosses and ties of the sandals made my foot more covered up than a typical sandal or flat.


I always carry a crossbody bag, and I recently had to replace my 2-year-old Aldo bag. I picked up this bag at TJMaxx for cheap.


I knew that some people would wonder what this piece looked like with a belt. In my mind, it’s too short of a dress for a belt. The belt also cuts away at the flowy, boho style of the dress, but it’s definitely an option for those who want it.


Lovesick Dress, Catherines Leggings, Torrid Sandals, TJMaxx Purse

I definitely recommend trying out Lovesick if you are within the size 10-26 range, and even if you are a dress size 28-30 (though I only recommend size 4 or 5 tops and dresses). I’ve been happy with each of my pieces, and with every order I understand their sizing/fabrics better. Next new-to-me brand I want to try? Rebdolls. Let me know if you’ve shopped from them and if you have any tips on sizing/selections.


  1. I just tried several things from rebdolls, I got a cute coverup in the size 5, it didn’t fit at all was way too small. I feel like it might have been mislabeled.
    I then ordered two bathing suits to try and looked at the sizing chart multiple times to be sure I ordered the correct size (4) but they were too tight, one I couldn’t even get over my hips. The quality of all the things I got was really nice, so kinda sad I have to send them all back.

      1. I think if you try a 5x you might be okay. There are a few of the more flowy/skater dresses that might work. For reference I’m a pretty solid 28 all hips/butt/shoulders. I’m going to keep trying to find the correct fit, as I really like the things rebdolls is making in terms of style. They seem to really be putting things on the market in sizes/quality/style wise that have no equal.

  2. Thank you for trying out this line! I’m always wondering if things are going to run small or large. I love the extended sizes that Lovesick offers. I wonder about their jeans, too… I think I might give them a shot!

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