Yesterday my family came together to celebrate a belated father’s day and my sister-in-law, Brittany’s, birthday. Typically I show up very, very casually dressed because my family likes to go out on the lake on the boat, but yesterday I had received my first order from Colourpop cosmetics, and the new makeup inspired me to look a little nicer than I usually do.


I am trying to venture out a bit with makeup. A couple years ago when I went to FFFWeek with Brittany, she convinced me that eyeliner is okay to wear. Haha, I really thought it looked like too much (and in North Carolina, most people keep things extremely casual with very natural makeup styles). Now I’m nudging my way into wearing lip colors that are a little more attention grabbing. I’m slowly doing this. Colourpop‘s products definitely fit their name, and I thought the lip color was a little too vibrant, but looking at the pictures now it seems fine, and I’m realizing I’m mostly limited by the way I’m used to seeing myself versus what actually looks fine.


Speaking of limiting the way I see myself, I’ve been blogging for almost 6 years. Granted, the last few years have only had sporadic posting, but I’ve seen a lot of pictures of myself. Brittany was helping me take pictures, and I realized I still only pose in certain ways and feel uncomfortable taking pictures that are beyond smiling at the camera. This is another thing I want to allow myself to be and do without feeling insecure. It may seem small (and kind of silly), but it’s linked again to the way I limit the way I see myself, so why not expand that :).

As for the outfit, I’m wearing one of my favorite tops I’ve purchased this summer. A bardot style striped top from Torrid. It has navy stripes and can be worn more off the shoulder than I’m showing here.


I added this orange-red bag from Old Navy and sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. Warning, if you purchase this bag, it has a bad smell due to the way it’s manufactured (I’m guessing). Prepare to air it out for a couple days before wearing it out.



By the way, family party = dog party. How cute are they?



So lipstick and new poses, baby steps to get back on track with trying things I like but am insecure about. Such tiny things that remind me that positive body image is a constant work in progress.