Labor Day Sales: New Additions to My Closet

Having been blogging about plus size fashion since 2010, I consider myself a pretty expert shopper in terms of knowing how to get good deals and…


Having been blogging about plus size fashion since 2010, I consider myself a pretty expert shopper in terms of knowing how to get good deals and a bit of a shopaholic in how often I look at various online stores. As I looked at items to add to my closet for this current and coming season, I knew I wanted some pieces from more expensive brands than I typically shop, like Melissa McCarthy, so when the Labor Day sales went live, I hopped on the chance to get some of the pieces I had been eyeing for prices I was willing to pay.


My most affordable buys were from Lovesick is a sister brand of Torrid, and I find their sizing to be generous and their prices low. They have well-cut basics and sometimes more stylized items, and I like that I can always find items that are the right length for me. I picked up a deep v-neck tee in green and a floral tiered blouse. I tend to only know how to dress up, so the v-neck (which fits so well!) will help me with more casual outfits.

I also shopped at for the first time since maybe I was 10-12 years old. JCP now has the Boutique+ line with some designs from Ashley Nell Tipton. I also picked up leggings and a pair of black jeans from the line (the jeans were too long on me), but I’m loving the lace up dress so far. What I really love is that the line is carried up to a 5X/30, much wider range of plus sizes than most department stores carry.

I did my heavy-hitting shopping at I wasn’t sure what I thought of the line when it first started, but I think it hits design-wise exactly what I need for work and for how I like it dress in general. I’ve had the chance to try some pieces out, and the fabrics are great, construction and fit are really nice, and again, this is another brand who has already expanded sizes. Originally she had through a 3X and now she has though a 4X/28. Looking at her fit chart, her pieces size a little bigger than other places who carry the same sizes, which works out for more people. I purchased her ponte peplum top in purple and black, her fringe kimono from her summer line, and her marble pencil skirt. Melissa’s items are on the upper end of my price range, and I’m willing to buy items but not many at one time. Luckily she had a Labor Day weekend sale, and I swooped in for these items. Keep an eye on her website–there aren’t sales all the time like some brands, but they do come eventually.

My big splurge item was on a leather jacket from Sejour at Nordstrom. I had tried on the jacket during Nordstrom’s anniversary sale, but talked myself out of the piece because of the price. I then thought about this piece many, many times. It had gone back up to full price, which kept me back from the piece. It then went on sale for 40%, and I decided to go for it. It’s the best fitting leather jacket that I’ve ever owned, and will be really easy to wear over many kinds of tops.

With all of these purchases occurring in or around this last weekend, I am mentally putting a stop to any more clothes buying until October or later. Let’s hope it works. I have the misfortune of either not finding anything I like or having a time where I like so many things and cannot afford them all. I happen to have the latter happening now, so let’s see if my willpower can keep my wallet closed.

What new additions are you making to your closet for the fall season?


  1. I have been looking for the perfect leather jacket for several years now. I have also been wanting a fisherman’s sweater as well. Thanks for introducing me to Lovesick. I do love a good bargain!

  2. I really love a fair few of Melissa McCarthy’s line, I wish I could afford it, but with the AU$ and shipping, its a bit too expensive. I really adore all the pieces you chose and can’t wait to see some pics of you wearing/styling them!

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