Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I posted last. After Thanksgiving, we had just a few weeks to end the semester. I was indeed wearing clothes during this time, and if you follow me on instagram, then you probably saw some of my lovely bathroom selfies of outfits. It’s come to that sad point in the year when the bathroom at my workplace has better lighting than I can get at home, but when it’s dark before I even arrive home after work, taking outfit pictures is just impossible. But have no fear! I managed to put a few outfits together as I and my students made a mad dash to the end of the semester.

During those whirlwind weeks of meeting with students, grading, giving feedback, etc., I found that wearing pants/jeans seemed like a punishment in and of itself. Luckily, leggings + tunic/dress is a back up uniform I can call to at any moment, and I wore various versions of this over and over again.

First up was this overcast-gray zippered tunic from Evansblack jeggings from Torrid, and old booties from Evans. I’ve always loved the length of Evans’ tunics, and I used to shop with Evans a lot (and even collaborated with them back in the day), but they seem to offer less tunics or at least less tunic styles that I like then they did back in the day. That said, this was a goodie, and I love the small zipper details. This is a warm tunic. Do not let the shorter sleeves fool you. The material keeps in the heat, which is good on a cold day but bad in a heated office. You’ve been warned — choose where you wear this carefully! I didn’t do much to it since I hurried out the door, but there are lots of different options with scarves, jewelry, and jackets in kicking it up a notch.


In the search for all my different options to wear with leggings, I unearthed this dress from, I believe, SimplyBe, that I probably bought back in 2012 or 2013. This is one of those dresses that I planned to wear many times and then never actually did. For some reason whatever was holding me back before didn’t stop me now. This dress has fluffy sleeves, feather print, and a matching belt. Again, the outfit is a bit no-fuss since I was heading into work, but a leather jacket or playing around with belts could also make this more interesting if I wear it again in the future.


One of the last events I attended as part of the semester was my program’s end of term potluck. I decided to take a little more time to get ready and to look festive, so I pulled this tunic/dress from Evans that is a green/blue (more green that it appears here), my new studded boots from Lane Bryant, and I *gasp* put on jewelry for work. I topped the look with a silver chain bracelet and silver earrings from, I think, Forever21 (similar earrings here).

I really like this dress, its texture and color, but holy-static-cling. I didn’t realize it was going to be such an issue and was unprepared to deal with it making its way north while walking across campus. Later I used a dryer sheet to neutralize it before heading out with friends, but I think I’ll have to invest in anti-static-cling spray before wearing it out again.



Grades were due yesterday, and I received my course evaluations this morning. I’m now officially allowing myself to not think about work for the next week. So far my break plans include decluttering and organizing my apartment (a continuation of a project started months ago), going to the movies, seeing family and friends as much as possible, and enjoying sleeping in with Lola. Tomorrow I’m heading in to Charlotte to explore some places that I don’t usually get to during my work week, so follow along on Instagram or Snapchat if you’d like to connect more day-to-day.