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Y’all. I’ve been talking to myself for over 10 years in some way, some where on the internet. I went from routinely blogging, to posting…


Y’all. I’ve been talking to myself for over 10 years in some way, some where on the internet. I went from routinely blogging, to posting on Instagram, to making videos on YouTube, and then returning mostly to the short form content of Instagram. It’s interesting to see my presence, my energy, and my history ebb and flow in these spaces as I move to make the kind of content I like to consume. Media, in all its forms, gives different opportunities for expression, but it also can change over time how you explore your thoughts and share them with others.

When I wrote my blog, I was curious, cautious, dipping my toe into saying hello. On YouTube, I can be silly, serious, and story tell with my voice, which is a strength I’ve honed through teaching. Instagram gets the little bits, like I’m putting some seasoning out there. Just the highlights, just the unattached thoughts.

I’ve missed having a place to explore, to write. I’m 35 now. I started this website when I was 22! The archives are there, and I might revisit some old posts from my current perspective. Some things have stayed the same. I still have my Lola girl. She’s 13 now. I’m still single (there have been some situationships along the way). I’m still exploring who I am.

Other things feel so far away from who I am now. I don’t remember a life where I wasn’t responsible for rent, car payments, and all the burdens of adult independence. I have so much more access to clothes now. I have an in-person fat community to turn to, so I’m less dependent on my online connections.

I’m excited to share who I am now on this site, what I’m curious about, what I’m facing. You’ll have to let me know what you like to see here. I’ll be bringing over some of the things I share elsewhere but writing through the ideas more. I’m excited to return to my first homeplace: theplussideofme.com.


  1. Welcome back! It was so nice to see your name in my inbox, it made me smile. The old bloggers are still going! My own blog is extremely dusty and seized up but I refuse to retire it completely, even if it is only updated once in a blue moon. Life changes, there are ebbs and flows but we push on and do what we feel is right for us in each season.

    1. Deena!! What a joy to see you here! I miss the days of keeping a blog roll and people checking in on each other most days. I’m amazed by how many people I met only 8+ years ago are still the ones I keep up with the most on Instagram. It’s nice to know they’ve seen the community change in the same ways I have. Hope you are doing well!

  2. Yay! What a nice surprise to see your email when I opened my IN box! I look forward to reading your thoughts and hear what you have to say about where your life is now and what direction you’re headed in. ☺️

  3. Welcome back! This was a pleasant surprise! I am so looking forward to your thoughts , ideas and information. I didn’t realize how much i missed you until you reappeared! Typical of life.

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