Something I’ve been thinking about lately is the loss of the voices I learned from when I entered body/fat acceptance/liberation spaces in 2010 and who the new voices are at this current moment. I definitely learned to question things and use certain critical perspectives from Lesley Kinzel and Marianne Kirby, but now names like Jes Baker and Virgie Tovar are contributing to the conversation (and to be fair, I remember Jes’ first big move into the conversation but Virgie may have been doing this for a lot longer than I even knew about). I wanted to read this book to see what she had to say, and I think she has some interesting things in it. It felt like a book for someone new to body positivity/liberation or fat conversations, so in some ways the ideas seemed less useful to me because I have heard them before from other sources. Jes makes sure at certain points to show that these ideas have history in feminist movements. I read one review on Amazon that I think sums it up well – “I’ve read several books on body positivity. Jes Baker has a fun voice, but nothing here is really groundbreaking in terms of advice or content–it’s her sense of humor that sets her apart.”

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