Introducing 22+ Style Lookbook

A few months ago I was approached by Marcy of Fearlessly Just Me about an idea that she had. She wanted to put together a lookbook that featured women size 22+ to both give space to bloggers on the upper end of the plus size size spectrum as well as show how stylish women size 22+ can be, even with less options than our smaller plus size friends.

Marcy summed up this project and her idea well this morning on her FB page: “I am a firm believer that there is no dream too big or crazy AND it is so important to create opportunities for yourself and others. You should never wait to be seen — you should make it possible to be seen. With that said, this project I have been working on with 11 other amazing women is proof of those two key things and I am so happy to finally announce that it is live. I think there should be more diversity shown in the media and campaigns. Too often, us women a size 24 and up get ignored because we’re visibly plus and sometimes people think it’s negative to show larger bodies. Well, this lookbook is proof that style doesn’t stop at a size 22 and that body diversity is a great thing. All bodies are beautiful and everyone is worthy and deserving of fashion. Please check it out! Special thanks to all the babes in this lookbook from so many corners of the world. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with in this Big Girl Revolution.”

I knew I wanted to be involved right away. While the project was a lookbook, Marcy made sure to stress that she wanted to introduce us as people. I though through what my favorite clothes were and how I saw myself, so I tried to choose looks that exemplified how I see myself. My lovely sister-in-law Brittany helped these looks come alive through her photography — thank you!

I’ve shared most of these looks before here on my blog, but there was one I kept until the lookbook was live. It is a simple enough outfit: a white top from xWhoWhatWear at Target, jeans from Evans, and a purse from Aldo, but it was also a look that broke a lot of rules I have placed on myself in the past: no defined waist, slight turtle neck that touches my double chin, and even just posing without a smile. I’m not a model, and posing with a serious expression is something that ends up forcing me into a critique-spiral. These photos made me feel beautiful though.




Check out the full lookbook with the other 11 participating bloggers below 🙂

Looks I Love: February 8-14

Maybe it’s because this week I was snowed in and had more time to read blogs, but it was HARD getting a manageable list of great looks. There were so, so many to choose from. Based on the one’s I chose, I think that I’m still being drawn to certain colors and shapes. I’m ready for spring, but I’m going to miss all the layering with coats that you’ll see below. Here’s some of the looks I love this week.

Sticky Sweet Danish

2014-02-01 17.26.20





And I Get Dressed 



Danielle Vanier



Franceta Johnson



Sugar, Darling?



The Curvy Fashionista



A Rose Like This


P.S. Don’t forget to enter the ASOS giveaway going on until February 23rd.

Looks I Love: February 1 – 7

Last week I had my first Looks I Love post, and reader Susan summed up the awesome-ness of all the ladies so well:

“As I am reading this blog and scrolling down the images you can really feel a sense of confidence and ownership. Each woman is unique in her choice of fashion and accessories. Individually they radiate their own amazing statement. Wow! I’ve been inspired.”

Yes! I so love seeing how people come into their own with fashion. The choices they make to express themselves and their aesthetic are exciting to see. I often hear that plus size women look the same because we have so few places to buy clothes from, but the bloggers I see smash that statement into pieces. Here’s some looks I love from this past week.

Matters of Merrymaking



From the Corners of the Curve



Garner Style



With Wonder and Whimsy



Grown and Curvy Woman



Falala Mele

pastel 1


Le Blog de Big Beauty


Looks I Love: January 22 – 31

As I mentioned in previous posts, this past month I’ve felt a new energy toward my personal style and blogging, and a lot of that has to do with experiencing creativity and fulfillment in other areas of my life and a BIG part of it comes from getting back into reading fashion blogs. I’m not sure when exactly it was that I started getting lazy and stopped reading blogs (although I’ve always looked at instagram), but I can most definitely say that it matched when my blogging itself dwindled into hardly anything a month. As I’ve gotten back into reading, I’ve seen a lot of inspiration every where, and here are a few looks I love:

Check out Carletta on Twitter and Instagrama loved life


Hailey of Discourse of a Divine Diva



Jay Miranda



Ok, I couldn’t pick just one from The Je Ne Sais Quoi




Hanna of The Wardrobe Challenge



The Ramblings of Mrs. BeBe



Sarah Conley of Style It: On The Plus Side


6 Blogs to (re)Visit

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the chance to talk with a few new bloggers, and it made me think a lot about the bloggers I read when I first started blogging and the year or so after. Many of those blogs that were/are hugely inspirational to me are still up and running with new content, and other ones are no longer or not often updated or have changed direction or moved over to other platforms like Instagram. Some haven’t blogged since 2012, and others have posts from just a few months ago. This post is all about the blogs that may no longer be updated or rarely updated. All of the following 6 have wonderfully rich archives with outfit inspiration that can serve you today. I hope you’ll check out these blogs that really played a role into who I am as a fashion blogger and take a long good look through their archives.

A Well-Rounded Venture

awellroundedventureNicole is probably the most influential blogger I ever had contact with. She was one of the first to talk with me, and I related to her so well. We met up in the summer of 2012 to go to FFFWeek together. It was a great time (even though I was a little uptight because the city scared me haha). Check out her Instagram account as well.

Buttons, Bows, and Brogues


Mode Plus

Mode Plus

Mitten Paws – Check out her Instagram. Be warned, you’ll be hungry after!

mitten paws

An Olive a Day

an olive a day

Saks in the City

saks in the city

What were some the blogs that inspired you most when you first came upon plus-size fashion blogs? Feel free to share blogs that are no longer updated!


FFFWeek Day Two: Empire State Building and Press Event


Tuesday was my first full day in New York City, and Brittany and I didn’t want to waste a second of it. We got up early to head to the two observatory decks at the Empire State Building. It ended up being a somewhat hazy morning, but it was still an awesome view of the city and put us in the New York mindset.






I didn’t realize that me and Brittany matched until I went through the pictures. Great minds think alike?


Besides the view, the next best thing about going to the Empire State Building was hearing the languages of all the visitors around us.


So you’d think being that high up in the air would mean you’d have a natural air conditioning with wind and all. Ehhh, wrong. So hot! After sweating for an hour I headed to the press event where I was very under dressed. Oops! The press event was fun though. I was able to chat briefly with the different brands that were showcasing collections or participating in the shopping event. I also got to finally meet Gabi of Gabifresh although I became a mute when I finally did meet her. I’d love to say that I can have a conversation with anyone but shyness came up a few times this past week.


Each vendor had their own table with look books, samples of products, and models displaying new looks from their collections. I started first at the table where Gabi Gregg and Kellie Brown were discussing the brand and Gabi’s collaboration. Like I said earlier, I clammed up and pretty much smiled and nodded. I hate being one of those “starstruck” girls, but it was what it was.


Gabi and a model showing Swimsuits For All Polka Dot Bikini (similar style here)


Me and Gabi


Me and Kellie (the black and red version of this dress is still available at ASOS!)


Next I visited Aimee the designer of OnOz. She is so sweet and puts so much attention into her clothing. When I show her collection, you will see a lot of detailed, intricate textiles in her items. I may also have a giveaway coming up soon for some of her pieces.


The Skinny Billionairess also had some interesting pieces. I’ll be honest that the brand name throws me off since I am a fat chick who by no means aspires to be thin or super rich, but the brand had some cool things that went down the runway.


Youthery Khmer and friend were serving up some fierce poses as I went around. Loved her pieces she showed on the runway, and I loved what she wore all week too.


The sister design team behind ZMJ Denim were showcasing their flower print denim.


Kaela Humphries was there modeling for Evans. Here she is with Margie Ashcroft who writes for Lucky Magazine.


Rue 114




Ashley Stewart


Lane Bryant


Tru Diva designer and model


Reah Norman who styled Sonsi‘s looks for the week.


Another sister designer team for Huudaverti with model. I bonded with the sister on the left over our love for Asheville, NC 🙂 You’ll see that these ladies love color and prints in the runway pictures.


Live Unlimited

After the press event, I met up with Brittany, Olivia, Ben, Gaelle, Jen, Jennifer, Sam, and Aisha (not pictured) for lunch down the street. They had just come from the Curvaceous K event, which I had to meet, and we had “New York’s Best Cheesecake” while also getting New York’s Worst Service ;). It was a lunch that lasted a LONG time, but fun and full of laughter.


From left to right: Ben, Jen, Brittany, and Olivia


Jennifer, Sam, and Gaelle


What I wore: Torrid Sweater, Old Navy White Tank, Old Navy Rockstar Jeans, and Target Shoes


What do you think of the press day looks?

Next post is the Curves for a Cure event!


FFFWeek Fashion Front and News Round-Up

So I apparently accidentally let the cat out of the bag early that I was part of the Fashion Front (oopsie), but now that it’s been announced, I wanted to share who else was on the Fashion Front so that you may find some new blogs to follow now and through the FFFWeek events in June. But before I share this group of bloggers with you, I wanted to fill you in on the latest FFFWeek news:

Host Hotels: The Affinia has officially sold their block of rooms, but FFFWeek still has a group rate deal with the DoubleTree Hotel. If I were you, I’d contact both and see if any spots sneakily opened up at the Affinia (which is the site of a couple events). DoubleTree is just a couple blocks down from the fashion shows, so either location is great! Check out the page on Host Hotels for more information. I stayed at the Affinia last year, and it was so nice to be around other attendees of the events. I will be staying in an apartment this year just a block down the street.

Blogger/Stylist Events: There are a few events that are invitation-only (based on applications) for bloggers, magazine writers, etc. to meet and talk with specific plus-size brands about their products. Currently, the Kmart blogger event registration is open (event is on the 21st), as is the Ashley Stewart Blogger Breakfast registration (event is on the 17th). Both registration deadlines are May 20th, so get those in now if you are interested in attending the events.

Shopping Details: If you are planning on attending FFFWeek (or even just visiting NYC on your own), then you may be interested in learning where all of the plus-size shopping spots are located. Karen of Curvy Canadian wrote a piece for FFFWeek’s blog with the addresses of the best shopping destinations. This list includes department stores, independent designer showrooms, and larger retail locations. Check out Karen’s piece here.


Now! To the Fashion Front bloggers: I was lucky to meet some of these bloggers last year, and I’m looking forward to talking with them more and meeting the others for the first time. Each blogger brings to the group a different perspective to plus-size fashion, so that’s exciting just in itself.

Along with myself, the Fashion Front bloggers include:


Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista (USA)


Gaëlle-Vanessa of The Curvy and Curly Closet (France)


Danielle of (Australia)


Ashley Rose of This Is Ashley Rose (Australia)


Lilli of Frocks and Frou Frou (Australia)


Glen of Full Figure Plus (USA)


Karyn of Killer Kurves (Canada)

tapestry 7

Brittany of Pockets and Bows (USA)


Jennifer of Jasifer Lions Club (USA)


Karen of Curvy Canadian (Canada)


Ty of Gorgeous in Grey (USA)

As time keeps moving, I am getting more and more excited to attend the events. I knew Olivia was attending, but I also found out that Hanna and Dani will also be there! I’m also bringing a friend from home, Brittany, which is making the trip even sweeter.

Is there any particular information that you need in order to make your trip to FFFWeek smoother? Let me know and I will try to help!

20 Plus Size Fashion Bloggers at Sizes US 24+

In my experience, one of the best things about plus size blogging is connecting with women who I can relate to, but I’ve always found it hard to find women who were my size (28) blogging. Last week I sent a call out on Twitter asking to be introduced to more blogs that featured fashionable women size US 24+. I quickly realized that a lot of people on Twitter wanted to know the same, so I set out to find as many fashion bloggers in that size range as I could. I also quickly realized that “size” is hard to determine (my closet has clothes from size 22-30!), so I emailed and sought permission from all of the following bloggers. With a great number of plus-size lines ending at size US 22/24, I find myself sometimes feeling very limited within plus-size fashion, so seeing all of the bloggers below was amazingly inspiring and exciting. After looking at them all, fashion size 24+ doesn’t seem as limiting as I sometimes think of it. Some of these bloggers were ones I’ve known about for years, and some were new to me. I hope you find some great new blogs to follow or some old ones to get reacquainted with 🙂

1. Nicole at A Well-Rounded Venture


2. Georgina at Cupcake’s Clothes


3. Naomi at Diamonds ‘n’ Pearls


4. Neiiko at Le Blog de Neiiko


5. Affinity at Affatshionista


6. Chastity Garner at Garner Style


7. Tracy Broxterman at Chubble Bubble


8. La Chica Mas Fina at The Big Girls Code


9. Courtney Mina at The Glitter Thread


10. Lolly at Lolly Likes Fatshion


11. Shawna at When in Doubt Wear Purple


12. Rebecca at Sullen Hearts


13. Tiffany at Fat Shopaholic


14. Thina at Beyond Sizes


15. Amber at Forty-Six Jay


16. Mel at Mel Bumble Bee


17. Mary at Glitter OdysseyYouTube Channel


18. Coco at Coco Curvy


19. Sarah at Style It

style it online

20. Me, Rebecca at The Plus Side of Me


I also came across a few blogs that seem to be no longer updated. They are definitely worth checking out, though, because their archives hold some serious fashion: The Busty Traveler, Hello Jiggles, and On the Fat Walk.

If you are a fashion blogger size 24+ or know one that I’ve not included here, please feel free to leave links in the comments.