OOTD: Be Bold

This morning I tweeted/instagramed my outfit of the day that featured a dress that had spent months in my closet and was just finally being worn. It’s an ASOS Curve dress that many bloggers have worn before, and I didn’t style it in any kind of new way, but it was still bold for me. It’s funny how after years of blogging, there can still be an item you love but feels “bold” or a step out of the norm for you.

photo (1)

After I posted it, all of you lovely people gave me a lot of encouragement, and I really enjoyed wearing the dress. This dress had multiple things that were unusual for me: a swing dress shape, bright color, and animal print. It’s one of those dresses that you wear and mean to be seen in.


This was a different than my typical teaching outfits, so I kept it pretty simple. I love how these other bloggers style it though:

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aaIMG_9009ASOS Curve dress, Evans leather jacket (similar), Old Navy leggings

Lately I feel a little like a broken record about how I’m wearing things I wouldn’t normally wear, but it’s true. I was in a fashion rut and was lacking confidence for a few months there. It feels so good to get back to the inspiration and joy I once got from fashion and the plus size online community.

Thank you for all of the encouragement! 

OOTD: New Year’s Eve / OMCZ Blogger-Inspired

So…….. a few weeks back, the lovely ladies in the OMCZ challenge wore outfits inspired by a fellow blogger. It was kinda the theme that I submitted (ok, it just was), and I kinda never posted it/dressed for it, etc. Basically, I was a sucky blogger and dropped the ball.

Well the time had passed, and even though I knew who I wanted to dress like and what I wanted to wear, it didn’t feel appropriate to do the post — until New Year’s Eve.

I’ve been following Sarah Anne from Big Hips Red Lips for years, and while I love the various clothing items she wears and her makeup, it’s her attitude and self confidence that really draws me in. To me, she’s sultry and sweet all at the same time. She seems like a girl who stands up for herself and knows her worth. I love that she wears body conscious styles, and that’s where I took my inspiration.


Many women shy away from any dress that shows a visible belly line — including myself! But sometimes I want to wear a body-con dress, and I have stomach that will show through, especially in pictures. I still loved wearing this dress and felt amazing in it.


This dress was a bit of a risk for buying. Evans’ carries this Scarlett and Jo dress, but it only goes up to a size US 22 (their other items have a larger size range), and I typically wear a larger size than that, but I went for it. I could definitely use it in a size up, but it fits much larger than I expected (it’s on sale now for $42! And it comes in many other colors and prints), so if you are a size US 24/26 and are okay with body conscious styles, then go for it!


Sometimes you have to take fashion risks, and I’m always happy when a blogger inspires me to step out of my comfort zone. This is my last OMCZ post (because I am not routined enough for timed posts), so check out the participating bloggers below if you want to follow the series through them!

 Are there any styles that you shy away from but want to try soon? What bloggers shape your style? Let me know in the comments!

3 Years of Growth and Fashion

Just a couple weeks ago I had my 3rd blog birthday. I actually missed noticing it (oopsie), but I thought it would be a great time to see how much things have changed since I started blogging. Looking at my first blog post, I noticed how unsure I was BUT also how hopeful I was. I had already been reading blogs for 3 or so months, and I was so, so excited to begin. I didn’t even post a current picture of myself that month. That October (2010), September of 2012, and this past September (2013) are the ONLY months were I have not posted an outfit shot. I’m pretty impressed with my commitment, even if it’s waned at times. I never imagined that after starting my blog, I’d still be here typing 3 years later. I didn’t imagine that I would have traveled to NYC for FFFWeek twice! Once as an official blogger of the Fashion Front! This blog has brought crazy opportunities my way and even better people. It’s seen me through insecurity and sickness, and it’s where I come back to when I am most inspired and creative. My “About Me” has stayed relatively the same since I started. In it I said, “I’m so excited to offer my voice here, whether it ends up being a soft echo or a loud roar.” This blog has definitely been a “roar” in my life, and the conversations and sharing that’s happened here and in the community have changed me. This blog has seen me through being a grad student, becoming a part-time teacher, and now a full-time lecturer: just growing up. I’m thankful to all of you and my fellow bloggers who I see as dear friends. Wanna see my changes throughout the years? Here’s a photo from every month of this blog (except both Septembers), and each month/year links to the original blog post.

October 2010

oct 2010 2nd to last post

November 2010

nov 2010 happy thanksgiving

December 2010

DEC 2010 feminine trench

January 2011

Jan 2011 1 dress 2 ways

February 2011

feb 2011 solemn owl

March 2011

March 2011 dressing with your revision

April 2011

apr 2011 i feel a sin

May 2011

may 2011 a short tale

June 2011

june 2011 we all need sparkle

July 2011

July 2011 storm rolls in

August 2011

aug 2011 back to school special

September 2011

sept 2011 crossing boundaries

October 2011

oct 2011 cankle phobia

November 2011

nov 2011 when blues

December 2011

dec 2011 christmas eve

January 2012

jan 2012 booties

February 2012

feb 2012 neutrals

March 2012

mar 2012 chambray denim

April 2012

april 2012 unmapped

May 2012

may 2012 bird print

June 2012

june 2012 curves at sea

July 2012

july 2012 sheer

August 2012

aug 2012 moment of new

October 2012

oct 2012 halloweenie

November 2012

nov 2012 metallic overload

December 2012

dec 2012 in between cold and warm

January 2013

jan 2013 print skirt

February 2013

feb 2013 birthday

March 2013

march 2013 cham polka

April 2013

april 2013 kiyonna all day and night

May 2013

may 2013 print blazer

June 2013

june 2013 charity

July 2013

july 2013 indie

August 2013

aug 2013 stand out

October 2013

oct 2013 early fall

November 2013

nov 2013 love in details

Thanks for reading, commenting, and tweeting with me for the last few years. It’s meant the world to me!

OOTD: Love Is in the Details

the plus side of me kiyonna 1


One of my absolute favorite brands to work with is Kiyonna. I joined their


Blogger Brigade before the summer, and since then they’ve dressed me for events at FFFWeek, looks for summer, and even pieces for me to wear to work (I teach at a college). When they asked what I was interested in this past month, I knew I wanted one of their fancier dresses in navy. They have so, so many good semi-formal dresses, and right now a lot of their styles come in navy or a combo of navy and black, such as this knit wrap dress and this bodycon dress. This is their Scalloped Boudoir Dress, which is coincidentally the very first design that I ever bought from the brand — back in 2008! Kiyonna’s clothing always has such great quality, and the love truly is in the details. I put this piece on, and I instantly felt beautiful. It’s just one of those pieces that feels special. Because of that, I wanted to get a little fancier than my typical brick background, and my friend Brittany (who came with me to FFFWeek) used her photography skills to capture the dress.

the plus side of me kiyonna 3

I wanted all of the attention to be on the dress, so I paired it with light tan heels and this super sweet clutch by Miss Selfridge, which I received at Arcadia’s press day over the summer. I love the light mocha color of the clutch and all of the beading.

the plus side of me kiyonna 7

the plus side of me kiyonna 6

the plus side of me kiyonna 4

Besides the navy color, my favorite detail on this dress is the scalloped hem along the neckline, sleeves, and bottom hem. Again, it’s the extra detail that makes Kiyonna’s clothing so loved.

the plus side of me kiyonna 2

Taking these photos reminded me how transformative outfit shots are. Sometimes it’s hard to love yourself, and often that gets filtered to your looks because “looks”, whoever’s they are, get criticized so often. My face is fuller than its been in the past, but I still am able to recognize my beauty in these pictures. I loved seeing the photos of me laughing at Brittany. It reminds me that I am loved and have wonderful people in my life. I’m thankful for where blogging has taken me.

the plus side of me kiyonna 5

Kiyonna Scalloped Boudoir Dress (gifted), New Look heels, Miss Selfridge clutch

Are you loving navy this fall/winter? What’s your current “fancy” dream dress?

What Would Your Body Say If It Could Talk?

Some of you have expressed that you’d like to see more about what I’m doing when I’m mixing fat acceptance and fat bodies with my academic work, and it feels like the natural progression to make since I’m already letting my blogging affect my academics. Right now I’m taking a class about writing, rhetoric, and identity. Basically it’s focused on the way we use language to construct our identity across various spaces. Right now, I’m a blogger. A blogger who talks about fashion but also fat bodies. And there are other times where I present myself as a writing tutor, and completely cut off my blogger identity, my fat acceptance identity (at least in terms of the language I use).

But before I get down the rabbit hole too much about how identities shift, I thought I’d share a project I’m currently working on (it may be changing every time you click the link–it’s in the early stages!).

My professor gave us an assignment to explore a certain aspect of our identity, and I, of course, chose to look at my “fat girl” identity. I wanted to explore the different ways OTHERS constructed me as a fat girl across different contexts, so I wanted to think about things said in my home, said amongst peers and friends, things that were important to me as I grew up, and things that are said here in this community. You might recognize yourself in some of your words (and if you don’t like that I’m using them then I’m totally willing to remove it).

I’d love to hear some honest feedback on the piece, like if it’s too polarizing of the “good” and “bad” (although I tried to just lay everything out there without saying how it made me feel).

Most importantly, after seeing my presentation, what do you think your body would say if it could talk? What identities, characteristics, or assumptions are written on to you (about your body, race, job, socio-economic class, etc)? Do you see the possibilities of your self differently when your surrounded by different sets of people?

Here’s the link to my Prezi: click here You can choose to click in and out on whatever you like or you can choose to follow the narrative path I set by clicking the arrow button at the bottom right of the presentation.