FFFWeek Day Six: Last Day Festivities and the Retailer / Boutique Runway

By the 6th day of FFFWeek, I was on my last ounce of energy and my ankles were humongous. Woo! It was a long week, but so, so fulfilling getting to talk with everyone and meet new people. On the last day, me and Brittany (my friend from home) decided to fit in some touring of NYC before the runway. We first headed to Central Park. We wanted to spend a few hours there, but really only snuck in about an hour before we went to a bus tour. I had really wanted to ride the carousel, so we were off to find it and during our walk we happened upon a baseball game. It was a pretty perfect scene. Made me want to move to New York City ASAP.


We found the carousel, and I was off to have my ride. I thought it’d be more open and you’d get more of a view of the city, but that wasn’t the case. Either way, I had fun. It was a bit of an attempt to overcome my fear. I never let myself ride a carousel when I was younger due to insecurity over my weight–or if I did ride it was only the stationary items on the carousel. Not this time!



After this, we went looking for the road so we could get a cab to our tour spot. I’ll admit that it freaked me out how easily it could be to get lost in the park. It is HUGE and didn’t have many signs. Good thing for map applications on cell phones! We then went on a 3 hour TV/Movie tour that took us to a lot of locations used in movies. It was a nice way to see many parts of the city, and it was hosted by a funny comedian. Good times 🙂

Later that night we headed to the Retailer / Boutique Runway. My camera died half way through, so luckily Brittany snapped many good pictures. First, the brands!

Curvy Couture


Dean of Fashion




Swimsuits For All

with Kellie and Gabi


Lane Bryant







Ashley Stewart


And the main sponsor of the week, Sonsi

styled by Reah Norman




Before, during, and after the runway, I got some shots with some of the lovely people I was able to hang out with during the week, such as Jen who owns and designs Seraphim.



Brittany and Jen

bbDSC_0093 (2)

Me and Brittany


I wore a City Chic dress with an Eloquii belt.



Jenny from Babblings of a Mommy


the Evans team


Lilli of Frocks and Frou Frou, Jennifer of Jasifer Lions Club, and Ashley of This Is Ashley Rose



Sam of Curvy Sam

bbDSC_0488 (2)

bbDSC_0461 (2)

Somehow I missed getting pictures of the remainder of the night. We were exhausted, so Brittany and I just headed to a nearby restaurant with Olivia and her fiance Ben, and new friends Nadine and Emily. It was the perfect intimate ending to a full week.

I’d like to say thank you to Marie Denee and Gwen DeVoe for inviting me to be a part of the Fashion Front. It was truly a gift and an inspiring experience.

Which retailer/boutique’s looks did you enjoy the most?

P.S. Don’t forget to enter to win a dress from Lovedrobe.

FFFWeek Day Five: Indie Designer Showcase

One of the biggest events of FFFWeek is the Indie Designer Showcase. I think everyone is excited to learn about up and coming designers and to see fashion that is more unique than the typical retailer. I arrived a little early and had a chance to talk a bit with the Fashion Front members and see what everyone was wearing in the audience.


Bloggers looking pretty! From left to right: Bella, Lilli, Dani, Ty, Ashley, Brittany, and Karen


Reah Norman, friend, Rosie Mercado, and Sarah Sapora of SWAKDesigns


Shainna of A Thick Girl’s Closet, Chante of Everything Curvy and Chic, and friends


Cassandra and Stephanie of Daily Venus Diva


Brittany and Olivia joking around


Jennifer and Ashley


After chatting for a bit, it was time for the show to begin. I had a good seat, but I kept getting heads/cell phones in my shots, so I took two pictures from each and am linking the photos to a fellow blogger’s posts that have better shots of the looks. The names will take you to the designer site and the pictures will take you to more FFFWeek shots. In no particular order:

Tru Diva Designs


Sean Anthony Designs

sean anthony



T-Tyme Lady Couture 




Live Unlimited






ZMJ Denim


The Skinny Billionairess


Youtheary Khmer by Theary Sim


Rue 114


After the show, we headed outside, snapped a few pictures, and chatted some more. The venue is on a closed road, so there was plenty of space to talk further with the people who attended the event and see what everyone was wearing.

Jennifer– blogger and designer of Seraphim, Brittany, and Jennifer of Jasifer Lions Club


Brittany and I


Fashion Front bloggers: all linked above and additionally Marie Denee and Gaelle


Brittany and Olivia (with an awesome Sonsi gift bag)


What I wore: Rachel Pally Dallas Maxi Dress and Topiary Designs earrings (wish I had worn them in black)

FFFWeek Day Five: Just My Size Brunch

Friday morning I headed out to attend the Just My Size brunch at the Affinia Hotel. JMS was probably the big name brand that I knew least about, so I was excited to hear more about their brand, and I definitely learned a lot. JMS is often carried in Walmart and Kmart, among other stores (check out a local store near you), and I’ve worn their tights before and knew that they carried upper plus sizes. During the event I learned that they carry sizes 14-40, and that their price points make them so much more accessible than the majority of plus brands. For instance, a lot of brands that do carry above the size 28 have prices upwards of $80 for tops. Looking at Just My Size, their extended size items range from $20 – $32. From what I observed, they specialize in clean cut basics, while also providing some trend inspired pieces, intimates, and swim.


At the beginning of the event, we all had some yummy breakfast and talked about fashion and plus women’s perspectives on fashion. Here, Gaelle was discussing the attitude toward plus fashion in France with JMS team member Crystal.


JMS displayed results from their survy throughout the event space. This one says, “61% of respondents agree: ‘I’m more comfortable with myself today than five years ago.'” Do you agree? I’m certainly part of that percentage.



I noticed a bold colors and prints in a lot of their pieces. 






I liked the polka dot swimsuit and this wrap dress the most. Both are super easy to wear. You can also see their semi-sheer hosiery here, which is their new piece for transitioning from summer to fall.





After some more conversation, the JMS team addressed us and discussed how much connecting to plus women meant to the company. They serve a large general public by at Kmart, Walmart, etc, and they really consider what every person needs and what prices we can afford.


Some of the JMS team

I personally see myself buying more of their intimate line because I already have too many basics these days, and in my goody bag from the event were some of their items to try: tights, underwear, and a bra.


I received the Just My Size Pure Comfort Seamless Wirefree Bra, and I LOVE it. I already ordered it in the other colors. It’s not a bra that I would wear out during the day (I prefer underwire), but it gave great support and I loved the band that came down underneath it.


I kept it very casual at the event wearing a Target maternity (yes, you can try these sections out!) dress and a Eloquii jeweled belt.

Thank you, Just My Size, for the invite. I loved learning more about your brand and am so happy that people have access to quality items from your brand.


FFFWeek Day Four: Blogging Panel and a Birthday Dinner

After a full morning of activities, I headed back to the Affinia for the blogging/social media panel that was moderated by Marie Denee and had the following speakers: Ty of Gorgeous in Grey, Carina — Senior Marketing Coordinator at Evans, Heather — Marketing Manager of Lane Bryant, and Dina Fierro who is a blogger and digital PR maven.


Marie kept the conversation going and helped clarify what some of the marketing speak was all about.


Because 3 of the speakers came from business perspectives, we heard a lot about collaborating with brands, how brands use social media and think about blogging, and the responsibility one carries by having a space on the web (such as brands using social media to field customer service queries, create a positive atmosphere, respond to instant feedback — positive and negative).


Heather, Carina, Dina, and Ty

I’ll be transparent here and say that a lot of the conversation was about practices that I currently do not put into use but would need to think about if I were to see my blog as more than a way to be connected to other women and the plus size community (aka as a future business/career). I think I’ve maybe reached out to a brand first twice in my entire blogging experience. I’ve only worked with brands through them starting the conversation, which probably wouldn’t work for someone who really wants to monetize their blog or work with brands. If you are someone who wants to pursue brand relationships, the advice they gave was to come with an idea, a unique way of working with the brand, and approach the brand with the idea. It’s a lot like a job interview in that you have to market what you bring to the table.


The team from Just My Size sponsored the event — such a lovely group of women who were so excited to be involved.


Packed house with a lot of questions 🙂

After the blogger event, me and Brittany scooted on over to Bloomingdales to take in the show. I didn’t get to stay and watch the runway. I arrived when the event started, but the runway itself didn’t start until an hour and half later. We were able to have some yummy drinks, but my feet and body were dying at that point. The long stand became too much, especially when someone much taller than me swooped in front right when the runway started. All is well though because it was Brittany’s 24th birthday, so it was time to celebrate!



I have no idea what this drink was, but it was so good. Anyone who attended that knows needs to leave a comment with the details! 🙂


Olivia, Jenn, and Ben came out to celebrate with us. We found a cozy Italian restaurant and settled in for good conversation and good food.


Birthday drinks


Olivia and Jenn sneakily told the waitress that there was a birthday in the room. Love Brittany’s face here!

This was one of my favorite nights. It was intimate and fun. It reminded me how much love comes from relationships built through social media and blogging and how freaking cool it was that I’ve been able to meet these wonderful people from all of the world and share a little bit of their joy.

If you were to attend a blogging panel, what questions would you have?

NYC Day Four: Arcadia Press Day – Evans and Dorothy Perkins

I felt extremely fortunate to be invited to Arcadia’s press day, and while there I was able to preview Evans and Dorothy Perkins‘ autumn and winter lines. I’ll admit that my 9am appointment felt super early after the white cruise the night before, but I tore myself out of bed and made my way to meet Olivia at the preview. I’m so glad I did.

When I first arrived, I recognized fellow blogger Amy of These Girls Turn Heads. She walked us through the jewelry for the various brands.


One word came to mind: opulence. Lots of big stones, colored gems, and a healthy does of sparkle. There was also a lot of metal work with metal bows, chains, and fringe details.



I was personally most drawn to the earrings and rings. I love the post earrings that are big and going to show through my dark hair. I also like the rectangle-accented bracelet shown at the bottom of the top image.


After talking with Amy, another Arcadia team member led us through Dorothy Perkins and Evans. I believe his name was Tom, and he was so friendly and excited. I really enjoyed talking with him and Olivia about all of the clothing. I immediately was drawn to Dorothy Perkins’ racks. I love the color schemes and the patterns. Dorothy Perkins goes up to a US 18, so I had to keep my love at a distance — which is frustrating. I’ve never ordered from them before but know a lot of plus bloggers who do. I will definitely try some of their oversized items or stretchy items because they are too good to not give it a go — at least once.


Now shoes I can partake in! I loved these heels and booties with the embellished toe cap. To me it played well into the embellishment shown in the jewelry.


Dorothy Perkins had a good playful attitude with their clothing. There was embellishment in sweaters, different textures, and metallic threading.


They also had some matching sets which were really cute.


After Dorothy Perkins, we headed to the Evans section. I’ve been an Evans fan since I learned of them. I especially love their Collection line and the various other lines they carry: Clements Ribeiro, Live Unlimited, and Scarlett and Jo. Evans carries up to a size US 28, and I’ve always found their clothing roomy. Some of their lines do not go up to a 28, so be sure to look at size ranges for each individual line.


We started with the items that will roll into stores the soonest, which can be seen in the above picture. Lots of stripes and graphic prints, color blocking, and bold colors can be expected.


Later in the season we will see that theme of embellishment come into the pieces offered, and Evans’ mainline will have some oriental influences shown in the cuts and fabrics offered. IMG_0857


This dress had mesh at the top with a velvet body of the dress. This dress had a sweetheart neckline and a sparkly embellishment on the neckline.


Clements Ribeiro continue their love of bold prints, colors, and playfulness. This cat has zipper eyes, and I know I’ll see this popping up in a lot of bloggers’ closets.IMG_0860

One of my favorite pieces was the above coat (which is blurry – ugh!). It was cape-ish with pleated leather sleeves. It made me want to move back to the mountains so that I could wear it often.


After we looked through the line, Carina from Evans asked up to film our favorite items. I’m awkward enough on my own, and it only multiplies when I think a camera is going to capture it. We’ll see if they put out a video or if it was for internal use — regardless, someone will end up rejoicing in my awkward mumbling.


It didn’t help that the cameraman was cute!


Arcadia gave us a goody bag with lots of great items that will show up in future posts. What I loved most though was Evans’ lookbook. Here are some of the items I am most excited for during Autumn/Winter.

Live Unlimited


This cardigan is quite beautiful with mixed fabrics and a print on the backside.


Embroidered sheer top


Lace biker jacket (Olivia’s favorite) with PU panel leggings

Evans Collection


Knitted biker jacket — love the chevron and the zipper.


I’m in love with this print. It’s really perfect for working and then transitioning into going out at night. Both top and skirt are part of the collection.


Grey Seam Panel Tunic


One of my favorites: the blurred check kimono dress

Evans Mainline


Jacquard cocoon coat


Embellished jacket, embellished front vest (or tank top as we Americans say it), black coated jeans (love)

Clements Ribeiro

cphoto (65)

Sorry for the shoddy picture, but I couldn’t find the promotion versions of these.

photo (66)

I walked away from the press day really excited about what Evans was doing and also a little terrified for my wallet. With Evans housing their own lines and also collaborating with others, there is starting to be a lot of different voices being represented in Evans store, which allows more women to find items that fit their particular aesthetic.

What piece(s) caught your eye? What are you most excited for in the AW’13 items?

Oh, we also received a 25% off code for Evanusa.com! You can use it too, now through July 15th, 2013, with the code: FFFWEEK13

Happy shopping:)

FFFWeek Day Three: All White Sunset Cruise

I can’t believe that I’ve been home for a week and a half and am just blogging about Day Three. I need to tap that energy source I had while in NY, but I’m pretty sure it was just part of being in the hustle and bustle of the city. Anyway! On to one of my favorite events, the cruise! I had tough time finding something for the cruise this year. I didn’t want it to be lace embellished like last year, and that’s all I could seem to find. I ended up with a dress that I meant to get shortened but never did. Kind of glad though because it ended up being a very chilly and windy evening. The cruise is all about having a good time with good people, so that’s what I did: some talking, some dancing (aka moving my shoulders), and taking in a beautiful view.


Gaelle of The Curvy and Curly Closet, Jennifer of Jasifer Lions Club, and I waiting to board the boat. Can I just point out have they both have cute facial experiences and I am always stuck in the “smile for the yearbook” pose.


 Brittany convinced me to wear eyeliner during the trip. I feel like a changed woman. I love the Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner now.





Marie of The Curvy Fashionista and Kim of The Curvy Spot both wearing pieces by Jibri


Brittany and I


My dress is from DEBShops.



Sandra of La Pecosa Preciosa


I wore beaded sandals from Nine West Outlet.


These girls! I love seeing a blogging sister pair. Mele from Falala Mele and Theresa from He Called Her Siki-Lou.


Olivia of Wait Until the Sunset partying hard in her ruffle butt dress.


Sam of Curvy Sam and I


Sam, me, Jennifer, and Olivia — did I mention that it was windy?




The Evans team getting a quick photo.



Jenny of Babblings of a Mommy with her husband. Her and Sandra got their skirts from eShakti I believe. Such a great piece.


Olivia’s dress fit her fun personality perfectly.


Hanna of The Wardrobe Challenge!


Karen of Curvy Canadian



Georgette from Grown and Curvy Woman!



And, of course, we can’t do a FFFWeek cruise without doing pictures in the photobooth courtesy of Sonsi.com

Check back in for FFFWeek Day Four later in the week and look through my previous posts about FFFWeek here, here, here and here.

FFFWeek Day Three: Lane Bryant Blogger Conference

On Wednesday, I got up early to head down to Lane Bryant‘s flagship store on 34th street for their blogger conference. I was very excited to go to this event because I knew a lot of blogger friends would be there and Lane Bryant had really made the event exciting by doing a style off for us bloggers. In the style off, each blogger/stylist received $200 to spend at LB to create an outfit, and I LOVED seeing what everyone did (read more about that here). At the beginning of the event, we were able to venture around their flagship store, which was gorgeous, and look at what style they wanted to eventually roll out to their other stores. They served breakfast and we had a good amount of time to chat and meet new people.


View from the second floor: The bottom floor had the Lane Bryant Collection at the front and then their regular line of clothing in the rest of the space. There were displays of accessories and everything was displayed really pretty. It was a really comfortable and fun place to shop, and I’m excited for LB to bring this kind of store experience to their other stores. My local store is nice, clean, and organized, but doesn’t have as much space for outfit displays and styling ideas.


View of front entrance: This is what I REALLY want at my store. I do not think my local store currently has their Collection line. I’d love to be able to try it on and have it located all together like their flagship store.


Upstairs was LB’s Cacique line, loungewear, and activewear. Just when you think the section has ended, there’s another room with even MORE choices. My local LB has a great Cacique section, but again I was impressed with the amount of space to show off the items and displays.


Beyond the layout of the store, they also had updated mirrors that allowed you to see what the outfit looked like in different settings, like the office or evening light. Yellow lights are definitely my friend. Olivia obviously was totally into the dressing room technology :).


I really enjoyed talking to Marcy Guevera, who is the host of Lane Bryant Fashion TV. She is very bubbly and easy to talk to, which I appreciate since I am pretty shy!



Olivia, Hanna, and me


I loved meeting back up with Georgette of Grown and Curvy Woman.


I met Jenny of Babblings of a Mommy at the event and had a good chat.


(photo courtesy of Jessica T. of tinyredshoes)

I also met Jessica for the first time (how cute is her romper?!) and talked more with Mouna and Dani. It was interesting to hear all of their stories and how they related to plus size fashion. For instance, Jessica wasn’t always plus size and didn’t necessarily know all of the resources available, and she lived in another country for some time and dealt with that country’s attitude toward plus sizes (sorry, I can’t remember which one she said!). Mouna didn’t have access to plus-size fashion when younger and grew up shopping from the men’s section. She still doesn’t have many local options. These conversations remind me how much more we have now (for some of us–especially those able and willing to buy online) and how much we still need. Plus size teenagers now have a lot more options, and a lot of us missed that since these options have mostly become available in the last 5 years or so. I do sometimes wonder how different I’d be if I could have found clothes that fit that was young when I was actually young. I started shopping at LB when I was probably 13 or 14, and it’s amazing to see how much the brand has grown and plus size fashion in general has grown from that time.


After breakfast and hanging out at the store, we headed back to the Affinia Manhattan to learn about Lane Bryant’s upcoming lines. On our way we found a guy showering outside of Madison Square Garden. He was a giggly mess. So funny.

Once we got to the Affinia, we were able to learn about their fall sportswear line, Cacique line, and their philanthropy work. I, unfortunately, am a bad, bad blogger, and my camera AND phone both died soon after arriving. I remember taking more pictures than what I ended up with, so who knows what happened there. All I know is their Cacique line up is really exciting and very pretty. They are coming out with more trendy and special pieces for their fall line. Lots of bold colors, prints, and new focus shapes, like the pencil skirt. Bloggers did not hold back and asked questions about getting more body conscious cuts, correct sizing, and more up-to-date fashion options. Some of these Lane Bryant is already working on (they have a new sizing director), and some they are wanting to slowly integrate into their lines (more body conscious cuts). We also learned that if you have issues with their Cacique bras, you can bring them into the store to have them send to headquarters to figure out why they are malfunctioning (for instance if the wire pops out).


Because I did not get to document this part of the day well, here’s a list of bloggers who captured the second aspect of the event much better. Check out their posts: Curvy Canadian, StyleChic360, DIY Fatshion, Curves and Chaos, Everyday Runway, and Estrella Fashion Report.



I wore this Lane Bryant beaded dress, which I loved. I find that dresses like this that are very open in the shoulders and sides of bust need to bought in the size of your top rather than hips, so I got this in a size down from my usual (bought in a 22/24). You can find the dress here.

I had a great time at the event and enjoyed the style off. Thank you, Lane Bryant, for the good time and for showing us all what you have in store for the Fall line. I’m excited!



FFFWeek Day Two: Curves For A Cure Benefit Runway

New to the FFFWeek schedule was a fundraising event that had a celebrity runway show and silent auction to benefit breast cancer awareness. I thought this was an excellent event to add to the week, as it allowed those participating in FFFWeek to give back through fashion, whether that be donation, silent auction, or ticket sales. The lovely team at Kiyonna sent me their beautiful Linden Lace Top to wear to the event, and I felt SO GOOD in it. I love finding those clothing items that just make you feel amazing as soon as you put it on, and this top definitely fit the bill in celebrating curves for the night.



The event showcased various celebrities in the plus size community in donated looks from brands such as Lane Bryant and SWAKDesigns among others. Celebrities included Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, Gwen DeVoe – creator of FFFWeek, Lizzie Miller, Madeline Jones from Plus Model Magazine, Lucille O’Neal, Sharon Quinn, Rosie Mercado and others. All of the looks incorporated Breast Cancer Awareness color of pink and were later held for a silent auction. This was a really fun runway because it was all about celebrating women and having a good time while doing it.

day 2 c4c



Me, Brittany, and Olivia


Me and Rosie Mercado


Me and Alissa of Stylish Curves


Love this photo of Sarah from SWAKDesigns, me, and Emily of Sonsi



Olivia of Wait Until the Sunset, Aisha of Fat in the City, and me — I had only met Aisha earlier that day, but you wouldn’t have guessed that. She was so much fun to talk to and she’s doing some interesting work in the plus size fashion world and fat activism world. Be sure to check her out (and Olivia too, of course, but I’m hoping that you know and love Olivia by now since I’ve linked to her many times over the years).

I felt super sexy in this outfit, and that’s not a feeling that I have often. I can feel pretty, etc, but sexy is a whole nother attitude.


What I wore: Kiyonna Linden Lace Top, ASOS Jersey Pencil Skirt, Avenue Black Wedges

What’s your favorite look from the runway? Which plus size celeb do you want to meet or were most excited to meet?

*The top was gifted to me by Kiyonna for the purpose of wearing it to an FFFWeek event. My opinion of the item is expressed honestly. Thank you, Kiyonna!

FFFWeek Day Two: Empire State Building and Press Event


Tuesday was my first full day in New York City, and Brittany and I didn’t want to waste a second of it. We got up early to head to the two observatory decks at the Empire State Building. It ended up being a somewhat hazy morning, but it was still an awesome view of the city and put us in the New York mindset.






I didn’t realize that me and Brittany matched until I went through the pictures. Great minds think alike?


Besides the view, the next best thing about going to the Empire State Building was hearing the languages of all the visitors around us.


So you’d think being that high up in the air would mean you’d have a natural air conditioning with wind and all. Ehhh, wrong. So hot! After sweating for an hour I headed to the press event where I was very under dressed. Oops! The press event was fun though. I was able to chat briefly with the different brands that were showcasing collections or participating in the shopping event. I also got to finally meet Gabi of Gabifresh although I became a mute when I finally did meet her. I’d love to say that I can have a conversation with anyone but shyness came up a few times this past week.


Each vendor had their own table with look books, samples of products, and models displaying new looks from their collections. I started first at the Swimsuitsforall.com table where Gabi Gregg and Kellie Brown were discussing the brand and Gabi’s collaboration. Like I said earlier, I clammed up and pretty much smiled and nodded. I hate being one of those “starstruck” girls, but it was what it was.


Gabi and a model showing Swimsuits For All Polka Dot Bikini (similar style here)


Me and Gabi


Me and Kellie (the black and red version of this dress is still available at ASOS!)


Next I visited Aimee the designer of OnOz. She is so sweet and puts so much attention into her clothing. When I show her collection, you will see a lot of detailed, intricate textiles in her items. I may also have a giveaway coming up soon for some of her pieces.


The Skinny Billionairess also had some interesting pieces. I’ll be honest that the brand name throws me off since I am a fat chick who by no means aspires to be thin or super rich, but the brand had some cool things that went down the runway.


Youthery Khmer and friend were serving up some fierce poses as I went around. Loved her pieces she showed on the runway, and I loved what she wore all week too.


The sister design team behind ZMJ Denim were showcasing their flower print denim.


Kaela Humphries was there modeling for Evans. Here she is with Margie Ashcroft who writes for Lucky Magazine.


Rue 114




Ashley Stewart


Lane Bryant


Tru Diva designer and model


Reah Norman who styled Sonsi‘s looks for the week.


Another sister designer team for Huudaverti with model. I bonded with the sister on the left over our love for Asheville, NC 🙂 You’ll see that these ladies love color and prints in the runway pictures.


Live Unlimited

After the press event, I met up with Brittany, Olivia, Ben, Gaelle, Jen, Jennifer, Sam, and Aisha (not pictured) for lunch down the street. They had just come from the Curvaceous K event, which I had to meet, and we had “New York’s Best Cheesecake” while also getting New York’s Worst Service ;). It was a lunch that lasted a LONG time, but fun and full of laughter.


From left to right: Ben, Jen, Brittany, and Olivia


Jennifer, Sam, and Gaelle


What I wore: Torrid Sweater, Old Navy White Tank, Old Navy Rockstar Jeans, and Target Shoes


What do you think of the press day looks?

Next post is the Curves for a Cure event!


FFFWeek Day One: Denim and Diamonds Party

Wooo!! It’s been one long, exhausting, but incredibly exciting and fulfilling week. I arrived home this afternoon from attending Full Figured Fashion Week, and I’m just now getting to go through all of the pictures I took from the events. It was a GREAT week. Living in North Carolina, I do not have opportunities to talk in person with other bloggers, brands, or plus-size fashion enthusiasts, so FFFWeek is really my only chance to be with these people, and I crammed in as much as I could into the week. Monday started off the festivities with a Denim and Diamonds party. It was held at The Stellan, which was an intimate restaurant/bar that had the perfect amount of space for a little bit of dancing and a lot of space for mingling and chatting. I wrote about the Denim and Diamond party for Evans with additional pictures, so please check out that blog post here. Below are some other shots from the event.


My friend from home, Brittany, traveled with me to NYC for FFFWeek. She wore Kiyonna’s Smitten Lace Top, and you’ll see her popping up on the blog as I write about FFFWeek.


At the beginning of the party, we were able to meet some of those who were behind the FFFWeek events. This is Brittany with Sharon Quinn, who was the casting director for the events.


Us with Toy Monique, the Face of FFFWeek


Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista and Fashion Front leader



I loved getting to reconnect with Sam of Curvy Sam and Jennifer of Jasifer Lions Club.



And meeting Hanna of The Wardrobe Challenge and Dani of DIY Fatshion for the first time!


And talking with Mouna of Brussels Fatshion and Gaelle of The Curvy and Curly Closet


Plus model Sophie Sheppard



It wouldn’t be an FFFWeek post without some Olivia of Wait Until the Sunset in it 🙂


I had a great time talking with Sarah of SWAKDesigns. She is so sweet and passionate about plus size women and fashion.


I also was able to see the Sonsi team, who went above and beyond to make FFFWeek an enjoyable and welcoming week.


In fact, they gave me a sweet gift with Advil, Emergence-C, shoe cushions, a DryBar giftcard, and other goodies to help me through the fast-paced week.


What I wore: Evans Collection peplum top, Torrid skinny jeans, Avenue wedges, Eloquii belt, Cara Couture necklace




After the event, we headed to a pizza place where I got some type of chicken parmesan thing in between a garlic knot. YUM!

Stick around for more updates about FFFWeek. Day two covers the press event and the Curves for a Cure runway and silent auction.