Five Take: LBD (+Hat)

It’s Five Take time again, and this week we are showing how we wear an LBD – Little Black Dress. My first thought when I read the theme was, “Uh-oh, I don’t have an LBD!” But the fact is that I really do have a lot of black dresses. I wore one recently during FFFWeek, and I’ve also worn one for the 1960s Five Take post. Still, I don’t consider any of them an “LBD” because I don’t think of them as having the versatility an LBD is supposed to have (and they aren’t comfortable enough for me to want to wear them often!).

Even for today’s post, the dress I’m wearing doesn’t match all of the features of an LBD. It’s short, but too short for my personal taste. It’s simple, and most importantly BLACK! But its thin/cheap material would make it hard to dress up, and it doesn’t make me have a ton of confidence, which I think every LBD should. But anyway, here it is.. dressed with a hat because I missed last week’s Five Take (I’m awful). P.S. (Every item in this post was less than $20 each!)

I picked up this dress from Target’s Women’s section a year or so ago. It’s simple with a bubble-hem type detail on the chest and drawstrings in the back at your upper waist. I had bought it as a swimsuit cover-up, and that’s honestly the most I’ve used it for. I wore it at the beach and on a boat, but I don’t see myself wearing it anywhere else since it’s one of those dresses where you can’t even bend slightly without everything being exposed.

Since I missed last week’s Five Take, I accessorized with a hat. With Five Take, we aim to shop from our own closets for the post, but I decided to go out an buy a hat since I couldn’t find the one I owned last year. This one, also from Target, is cute, but I just don’t think I’m a hat person. I end up constantly nitpicking at it, and it wouldn’t sit properly on my head. Basically, this is how I feel about hats:

Since the hat had a bright yellow ring, I kept my accessories simple with these beautiful slightly-turquoise earrings my old roommate from college made.

You can visit her etsy store here: Bead, Paper, String

Dress: Target (similar), Shoes: Forever21, Hat: Target, Earrings: Bead, Paper, String

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So a LBD is hailed as a necessary closet staple for every woman, but I realized that I definitely do not own my singular LBD, just lots of attempts at one!

Do you have an LBD? If so, what makes it special for you and how do you wear it?

f not, do you feel like your closet is lacking or are you fine not having one?

Five Take Catch-Up: Sheer

Between the belts and fluorescent five takes was the Five Take: Sheer theme, which I had skipped because we were going through lots of rain that week. Today, we finally had perfect summer weather, so I decided to play catch-up with my Five Take post.

I’ve been really excited to wear this dress that I purchased from Domino Dollhouse. Marie Denee wore it in a post last week, and seeing how amazing she looked reminded me that I needed to get the piece on my blog as soon as possible. I love how Marie wore it flowing freely with the neckline slightly lower. I decided to belt it and wear it with the neckline as high as possible.

The large portion of the polka dot really makes this dress dramatic, which is what I love about it! I wore a black slip under the dress, but you can see where it ends right by my knees. This dress would look perfect over a swimsuit or under garments for the more adventurous.

I purchased the 4X, and I thought that the dress would be more flowy on me. I’m thinking that because I’m only 5’4″, the section of the dress that becomes more voluminous sits lower on me than it would if someone was 5’6″+. (that plus I have a big bum!).  Because I had tied the neck as tight as possible (there are drawstrings in the back with a keyhole), the length was perfect, but it could definitely sit longer if you allow the dress to have straps like in Marie’s post.

At first I had added a coral belt, but ultimately decided to go with gold. I love the addition of metallic to this dress, and next time I wear this, I would add a metal necklace and go sans belt.

I like that this dress is sheer, but not so overwhelmingly sheer that I’d be nervous to wear it around town. I typically like sheer in small doses, but this dress showed me that an entirely sheer piece can be fun and sophisticated.

Shop: Domino Dollhouse Maxi Dress, ASOS Curve belt, Earrings gifted from my sister

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Do you like the sheer trend? If so, how do you wear it?

Five Take: Fluorescent

It’s Five Take time again, and I’m actually on track which is a surprise (I still need to do a post for last week’s theme of sheer!). For those of you new to Five Take, it’s a challenge where five of us bloggers take on a theme, trend, or item to show how we individually interpret it. This week’s them is fluorescent colored items, and from reading my fellow five-taker’s posts, they weren’t exactly jumping out of their seats to try the trend. Even though I picked the theme, I felt the same way–which is why I put it on the list for us to do. I’ve had a couple fluorescent items sulking away in my closet, so I figured this was a good way to push myself into wearing it.

Most days I try to dress with what I’m going to be doing in mind, but yesterday I dressed with Five Take in mind–kind of a mistake! I was heading out to go to “Farmer’s Day” at a small town near my sister’s. Farmer’s day was a small street festival with local vendors, a farmer’s market with locally grown food, and entertainment from local dance schools, etc. So, me, in July, in a bright, fluoro sweater (what was I thinking), walking around “Farmer’s Day” in a small town out in the country. It provided a good amount of laughs, 1 compliment, and allowed me to function as the beacon of light for when someone became lost from the group.

I wore it with my hair up and white sandals, but changed the outfit some when I got home. Here’s the edited version:

Since it was hot out, I really couldn’t imagine adding any type of layer over the sweater, although I’d definitely like that come fall/winter. The sweater is from ASOS, and it’s actually pretty thin for a sweater. I love the cut and sleeve length, and hopefully they will bring it out in more colors in the fall. Since my top was so bright, I kept it simple with rolled up skinny jeans and black and silver accessories.

Although you can’t see it well, I had added a silver, flower head band. The elastic that connected the headband was broken, but I figured out that I could use bobby pins to keep it in place. Definitely something to keep in mind if you buy them from ASOS, which is where I got this one (and I know most of them are made with the elastic).

The jeans are my favorite City Chic jeans.. I seriously own about 8 pairs of these jeans. They tend to fade after 3-4 months (which is decent considering how often I wear the style), so I buy a couple new pairs every few months. I will cry the day these are taken off the website.

ASOS Curve Sweater, City Chic Jeans, Urban Outfitters heels (similar), ASOS headband

So I’ll completely admit that this sweater is a little bright. Too much? I don’t know. I’d like to wear it again with more of it broken up with a statement necklace or under some type of jacket/blazer.

Like fluoro in smaller doses? Here’s some pieces that caught my eye:

Cambridge Satchel Co. Fluoro bag

Rocks Paper Metal for BaubleBar necklace

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What do you think about fluorescents? How would you wear them?

Five Take: Belts

We’re back this week with a Five Take post, and I have to apologize to my other Five Takers, cause I’ve been totally slack the past couple of weeks. This whole finding your first adult job thing is not simple, and my schedule has been all over the place with interviews and meeting with family to talk about things. I should know by next week where and what level of classes I will be teaching. Exciting, scary stuff!

But anyway, back to Five Take! For those who are new to my blog, Five Take is a group of 5 bloggers who each “take” on a theme and show the diversity in how women dress. As seen in the title, this week’s theme was pretty simple: belts! I love wearing belts, and you’ll see them on me pretty often, but I used to NEVER wear belts before I began reading blogs and blogging myself. At the moment, skinny belts are in and are often worn around the waist, and that trend works for me pretty easily. When belts were more popular around the upper hips, that was not comfortable for me, and they always tended to shimmy upwards during the day.

Belts can do so much for an outfit. They can add a pop of color or change the shape of a dress. For this week’s theme, I wanted to showcase my newest belt, especially how it adds some fun and glamour to a basic item.

I had never bought a belt from ASOS Curve before, but I couldn’t resist getting this bug belt after seeing someone wear it during FFFWeek. It’s actually really comfortable because the metal belt part is springy and stretchy.

 I was wearing this out to dinner with my family, so I paired it with a basic, black maxi dress from Old Navy and kept it simple with gold earrings. This 100 degree, humid weather is making “simple” my motto, so I loved that the belt brought a cute detail and metallic sass to the outfit.

Because of the springy-ness of the belt, it stayed secure in its place all evening, which seems to be a rare ability with belts!

I kept my hair up and earrings simple, but even with this no-fuss look, I had people tell me all night that I looked “dressed up”. Behold the power of a belt ;).

Shop this look: Old Navy dress, ASOS Curve belt, Target Earrings

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How do you wear belts? What’s your favorite kind (skinny, quirky, colorful, etc)?

FFFWeek: “My Curves, My Style,” “Blogger 101,” and Five Take’s Animal Print (aka, the title that never ends ;)

On Wednesday morning, Nicole and I woke up early to attend the “My Curves, My Style” panel and the “Blogger 101” workshop. I was interested to see how these events went because I’ve never attended any type of conference/event that was specifically about doing the thing I like to do.

I have to admit that I bought my ticket for the “My Curves, My Style” event just because Leslie Medlik was one of the speakers. I loved her on Big Sexy (doublechinwin) and wanted to hear what she had to say about style. I did not know the other presenters previous to attending the panel, but I really thought they were all interesting in their own perspectives and doing really cool things in the plus size world: Kendra Porter, Sherri Collins, and Marcy Guevara.

Marcy, Kendra, and Leslie

While the panel was geared more towards women who were still operating under self-imposed and society-imposed “fashion rules”, I still learned some interesting things about what to look for when looking at the construction of a garment. The panel had some staple philosophies that I’ve heard around the blogosphere like “try things on!” and “get friendly with a tailor”.

Kendra Porter talked about shopping with your body shape in mind

Leslie Medlik talked about vintage fashion

Sherri said the thing that spoke to my current style situation the most. She said, “Plus size fashion has gone beyond access. Now it’s about personal style; we have choices!” While I don’t think we ALL have access, it’s true that I have more choices than I’ve ever had before. Sometimes that’s amazing, and sometimes it’s overwhelming. Previously, my style was dictated by what I could find. I still sometimes go shopping and buy things just because I’ve never seen it in plus sizes before. So how do I carve out my style when I’m suddenly getting choices? I think it’s hard to navigate. I know what I respond positively to, but do I have a specific style? As for now, I’m happy playing around in my choices :).

After the first panel, Nicole and I went down to have a quick lunch (where I paid $20 for 4 crappy chicken tenders–hrmf), and then we hurried back up for the “Blogging 101” workshop. It was definitely a packed room, and I spotted some bloggers I knew plus other big names in the plus size fashion world.

I spy Olivia, Jill from Sonsi, and Georgette!

I sat in the front row, so I got an up close view of the superstar panel.

Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista was the moderator, Marina Zelner – designer of Queen Grace, Alissa of Stylish Curves, and Madeline Figueroa Jones- editor-in-chief of Plus Model Magazine

I really enjoyed hearing these women talk from their personal perspectives about what has and has not worked out for them. Certain themes kept coming up, ones I hope I keep on this blog: Staying true to your ethics, being socially responsible, and being supportive to other bloggers.

I was realllllly excited to meet Alissa. I’ve been reading her blog since I started, and she’s one of those bloggers who makes sure to read others’ blogs and comment. I really appreciated it when I was only getting about 50 views a day, and she still took the time to comment on posts.  (P.S. Her outfit is fabulous! Look at her shoes!)

I had to get a picture with Marie even though we had met briefly a few days prior. She’s one of those really warm people that immediately puts you at ease. She’s not only genuinely nice, but someone who honestly wants to get to know you and make you included in the plus size fashion events. I enjoyed every talk with her!

I also got to finally meet Georgette! I’ve enjoyed her blog from its very beginning, and she has an amazing sense of style that she’s constantly pushing at and surprising me. Definitely a blogger you need to check out!

After the sessions, Nicole and I headed out to take some quick OOTD pictures. I originally was going to wear an animal print belt, but ended up with only channeling our Five Take theme through my shoes. Five Take is not easy when you don’t have your entire wardrobe with you!

 Oh, New York City. Where street style pictures have the occasional mountain of trash in the background 😉

My Aldo ring mimics animal print patterns.

Check out Becky, Claire, and Gina‘s animal print posts. I don’t think Nicole has posted hers yet, but I’ll link it when she does!

Overall, the panels were really interesting to me because I loved hearing from women whose work I admired. Living in North Carolina, I don’t get to talk in person with anyone else involved in plus size blogging or the corporate world. It was great being in a room of women who shared that passion with me.

Do you think Sherri’s quote rings true for you? 

“Plus size fashion has gone beyond access. Now it’s about personal style; we have choices!” 

Five Take: Pastels

For this week’s Five Take, I chose for the group to take on the pastel theme. I was really excited to try it because I recently bought a couple pairs of pastel colored jeans (lilac, coral, and mint green), but it ended up being way harder than I had expected. I am so used to dark denim that when I wear other colors and shades of denim I become hesitant about the entire outfit. But five take is for trying things out that we may not have without the extra push, so here’s my first attempt  at pastels, but definitely not my last!

I decided to cuff my Evans lilac jeans because for some reason I only liked colored jeans if they are not worn full length (or maybe it’s because every pair I’ve had does not fit closely to the ankle –which is what I want). I tried these jeans with lots of different tops but ended up liking it with this Penningtons sequin top the best. I liked the metallic silver against the lilac, and kept with this dreamy gray/purple color scheme in my necklace.

The necklace has pearls and various colored gray and purple plastic gems, and it had the center piece split into two with chains going between the two pieces. I used the chains and connector rings to bind the two pieces together (definitely edit your jewelry if you’re willing to take the risk or only like one small piece of the over all item!).

Evans lilac jeans, Penningtons top, Target shoes, Forever21 necklace

The pastel trend is definitely one I want to try again and again this summer. It’s light and fun, putting me in the perfect summertime mood. If you’re interested in these jeans, I would consider sizing down one size. While mine fit and I’ll still keep them, they instantly got baggy and I had to keep pulling them back up.  I guess it depends how tight you want them.

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Do you like the pastel trend? If so, how do you (or would you) wear it?

Five Take Catch-Up: Bird Print

Confession: This week’s Five Take had me really, really wanting to title the post “Buy, Buy Birdie” (as in Bye, Bye Birdie). I thought it was hilarious. Sometimes I shock myself at my own nerdiness.

For those of you who read the other Five Takers’ blogs, you may already know that our dear member Claire has a certain love for bird print. If anyone knows how to wear it, it would be her! I have a couple bird print items, and items with the print always seem to catch my eye, but I very rarely actually wear it. I decided to take back out a bird print dress that I wore for a previous Five Take.

Even though the picture doesn’t show it well, I tied the belt a little lower thank last time and it made a triangular shape under the bust. It definitely help with the odd fit issues I had last time I wore it. I love the vivid blue color of the dress, so I decided to stick with cognac browns and pops of orange.

This look features something that you all very rarely see. My hair up! I’m really weird about my uneven hairline, which looking at this picture seems so silly. But now that summer is here, my hair is going to be up much more often.

Eshakti dress, Avenue wedges, Urbanog purse

I’m glad this Five Take challenge came up because it renewed my love for this dress. I especially liked pairing it with orange tones and browns. You’ll have to check out the other Five Take ladies to see how they do bird print!

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Is bird print a love it or leave it trend for you?

Five Take Catch-Up: Stripes

As I mentioned in my last post, this week I am catching up on the various Five Take themes I missed, and one of those was stripes. I wear stripes pretty often, especially horizontal stripes. I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore vertical ones! Since I tend to wear stripes in my tops or cardigans, I figured I would work this theme in through an accessory.

When I spotted this navy and white striped purse at Aldo, I knew I needed to have it. I loved the pop of yellow, and it seemed very versatile. Little did I know that I’d have to try about 30 different combinations of things before I finally settled on this outfit to go with it. Even though this outfit came out of exasperation, I think it’s still a fun casual look.

Lane Bryant jacket, Talbot’s dress, Avenue wedges, Aldo purse

Make sure you check out Claire, Becky, Gina, and Nicole‘s Stripes Five Take!

How do you wear stripes? Do you have a particular stripe style that’s your favorite?

Keep an eye out tomorrow. I’ll be catching up on the bird print five take :).

Five Take Catch-Up: Florals

I wanted to say thank you to every one who commented on my last post. Your encouraging and loving words help me so much, and I’ll respond individually very soon!

A couple weeks ago, the Five Take group took on the floral trend, so I wanted to stop skipping the challenges and just do a catch-up week. Last year I was really into florals, but when I looked in my closet I wasn’t finding many prints that were exciting me. I had sold some pieces, and the ones left were kind of predictable. After many, many attempts at trying things in different ways, I decided to take a dress and change up its style by making it a skirt. (You can see my original outift here) My camera was malfunctioning, so the images are a little out of focus in some areas.

I added on this pink ASOS peplum top over the skirt to give it a different look than the smaller, striped section it typically has. I had to giggle at the peplum top because it’s supposed to give volume to the hips, but because my body is naturally built that way, it just kind of “fit”. The top has a line right where the belt is where the material comes together, so I put the belt over it to bring back in the purples in the skirt.

Because the outfit had a lot going on, I kept my jewelry simple with a pair of silver, filigree drop earrings from Forever21.

Torrid dress, ASOS peplum top, Eloquii belt, Forever21 earrings (similar)

I liked that this floral challenge pushed me outside of my typical outfit. It’s not often that you find me in skirts, and it’s the first time I wore a peplum top. Make sure to also check out the others’ posts to see how they took “florals”.

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Nicole is currently in the process of moving, but if she ends up posting her floral five take, I’ll come back and link it 🙂

What do you think of my take on florals? Do you like floral prints? If so, how do you wear them and what types of florals do you like?

Five Take: Nautical

This week’s Five Take theme is nautical, and it seems really fitting since the weather is getting warm enough that everyone around here is getting their boats  out on their initial runs and sweeping off their piers. I’m lucky enough to have grown up on the lake. Every summer I was able to swim and go out on boats. When I was in my early teens, we were lucky enough to have a jetski for a couple years, and the lake became my roadway. There was something really magical about being able to pick up my friends via the lake and then speed around to different areas. Since the lake tends to attract visitors, there was always new people to see and stalk (I was a pretty boy-crazy 13-year-old). In high school I took the lake for granted, but now that I’m back here I realize how lucky I am to live on a body of water. A treat that I probably won’t have pretty soon.

As much as I love the lake, nautical style is not something I tend to wear or own. I don’t have a single “anchor” themed item in my closet, and I only have one blue and white striped cardigan. Instead of focusing on what I didn’t have, I decided to build my outfit around a pair of red trousers that have been sitting in my closet for months. I got these from, and they are RED… loud, “nautical” red.

To calm down the red pants, I kept my outfit pretty simple with a white tank top and jean jacket.  I had originally envisioned this with my chambray top, but the blue was too light against the red. I braided the front on my hair and then also gave myself a side braid. Summer and braids go hand-in-hand for me.

Since I didn’t have an anchor necklace or anything that really seemed “nautical” to me, I added on a binoculars pendant necklace that I had purchased during my trip to Asheville. I love the idea of exploring, and the necklace reminded me of an old pair of my grandfather’s binoculars that my family now owns.

Lane Bryant jacket, Old Navy  tank top, Very trousers, Target shoes, Local Boutique necklace

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Do you like the nautical trend? If so, how do you wear it?