My Favorite Make Up Products for an Every Day Look

I started wearing make up in middle school, just simple things like lip balm and blue eyeshadow :-p. About 15 years later, I finally feel like I’m starting to get a hang of this make up game, mostly due to finding the right products for my face and a little help from youtube. I thought I’d post my favorite products for you to see, and risk never having someone love me again because of the faces I’m making here.

Step One: Starting a base


My biggest issue with achieving a look I want is the dark circles under my eyes (which always lead people to ask me if I’m sick or tired), and blue-ish tones under various parts of my skin (yay for being Italian). The blue-ish tones are an issue for people who have PCOS as well. I always start my make up process with a CC cream, which is a color corrector product. I have blue, yellow, red tone — all over! Almay’s CC cream is very light, and while it does even out my tones slightly, I mostly use it because it has the right amount of moisture for my skin and sets a good base. I love the way my skin feels after using it. I apply this with a wedge sponge.

Step Two: Concealing dark spots


The CC cream does not, however, cover the blue tones on my face. I have tried so many concealers. Read that very slowly because my search for a good concealer really was a multi-year struggle. But I found one!! That I LOVE! I finally broke down and went into Sephora and explained my issues with my blue tones. The person who helped me let me take a sample of Benefit’s Erase Paste in Fair and their brand’s color correcting product. As soon as I started using the Erase Paste, I knew it was what I was looking for. The consistency is kind of pastey. It’s a little sticky, and that works well for getting it to not just come right off as you apply it. I put it under my eyes, above my upper lip, and chin, and then I use a cheap beauty blender to even it out. You can put this on heavier or lighter depending on your need. Again, LOVE this product. It’s awesome!

Step Three: Applying foundation


I’ve used different kinds of foundation. I’ve tried Bare Minerals powder foundation, and then their liquid foundation. I saw that a good number of youtube vloggers were using Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Stick, and I was looking for more coverage and decided to go for it. I had someone in Sephora color match for me, which worked in my favor because I would have bought one that was too light. I like that this product can be applied lighter or heavier. Right now I put a swipe on both cheeks, chin, and forehead, and then I use a brush to blend it all over.

Step Four: Warming up


I used to just want to cover blemishes. I would only use concealers and foundations, completely washing out any color from my face. I learned that when you make a base (foundation), you have to add back color, which is why so many women do contouring. I don’t often use the Mary Kay Bronzer because it is pretty strong, but sometime I will use it for slight contouring. I mostly use this Physician’s Formula Bronzer in “Healthy Glow” (almost out in my pic!), and it just adds a little warmth back to my face without it being too strong.

Step Five: Blush


Blush is the product that I have the hardest time with in determining what is too much or too little. I remember my mom telling me that I needed to wear it (again, I used to wash myself out with just foundation), and so I started wearing it. It surprised me that this Sephora blush in a pink-orange color looked most “natural” for me when wearing it (Color 05). It matched my own natural blush. I sometimes apply this and then need more or need to rub a little off. Hmm.. make up is hard sometimes :).

Step Six: Eye focus


I don’t often wear eye shadow or eyeliner, but if I do want eye shadow, I reach for this really easy bronze color from Mary Kay. I’ll admit that I was skeptical of Mary Kay (I am about most companies who have this seller model for some reason), but I really like some of their products–this being one! It’s their cream eye shadow in iced cocoa, and I really like the consistency as well as the pigmented color. I also really like their mascara. Mascara was also a hard thing for me to find. I used Bare Minerals for a long time, but their version started clumping really easily and didn’t make my eyelashes pop. I now use Mary Kay’s Ultimate Mascara, and I don’t plan on finding a new mascara any time soon.

Step Seven: Final touches


I don’t really do lipsticks or lip glosses. I get annoyed with them or the color looks off on me. Lip balm is my go to, though. I really like Burt’s Bee’s Tinted Lip Balm. I’m wearing Red Dahlia here, which is their darkest color. I also like their Rose color (brighter red) and their Zinnia color (orange/coral). I also included images of two other products I sometimes use: NYX highlighter and Make Up For Ever Microfinish Powder.

I am in no way a make up expert, but I am happy to say that I have found things that work for me — a make up look that makes me feel good and matches how I like to look. I am still open to finding good eyeliners and blush tips or any other great finds you’ve come across, so if you have any, please leave them in the comments!

P.S. Please say you still love me after seeing these pictures 🙂

Looks I Love: Fatshion February Edition

This week I wanted to bring attention to the social fatshion movement that happens on Tumblr (and probably instagram-though I didn’t look there) every February. #FatshionFebruary is a tag on Tumblr where anyone can post pictures showing their daily fashions. What I like most about it is a) the community collaboration that happens, b) the focus on acceptance — anyone that identifies with faTshion, c) the relaxed, quick pics. These are not going to be highly stylized shots. These are people going throughout their day and stopping for a minute to participate in a larger movement. I love that. I looked over recent posts, and just selected some looks that caught my eye. Click each picture to be taken to their individual Tumblr sites.

tumblr_n1beyhVCMq1qzd8cvo1_500 (1)













tumblr_n199kfZcGX1qjdniso4_1280 (1)









Looks I Love: February 8-14

Maybe it’s because this week I was snowed in and had more time to read blogs, but it was HARD getting a manageable list of great looks. There were so, so many to choose from. Based on the one’s I chose, I think that I’m still being drawn to certain colors and shapes. I’m ready for spring, but I’m going to miss all the layering with coats that you’ll see below. Here’s some of the looks I love this week.

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2014-02-01 17.26.20





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Looks I Love: February 1 – 7

Last week I had my first Looks I Love post, and reader Susan summed up the awesome-ness of all the ladies so well:

“As I am reading this blog and scrolling down the images you can really feel a sense of confidence and ownership. Each woman is unique in her choice of fashion and accessories. Individually they radiate their own amazing statement. Wow! I’ve been inspired.”

Yes! I so love seeing how people come into their own with fashion. The choices they make to express themselves and their aesthetic are exciting to see. I often hear that plus size women look the same because we have so few places to buy clothes from, but the bloggers I see smash that statement into pieces. Here’s some looks I love from this past week.

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Looks I Love: January 22 – 31

As I mentioned in previous posts, this past month I’ve felt a new energy toward my personal style and blogging, and a lot of that has to do with experiencing creativity and fulfillment in other areas of my life and a BIG part of it comes from getting back into reading fashion blogs. I’m not sure when exactly it was that I started getting lazy and stopped reading blogs (although I’ve always looked at instagram), but I can most definitely say that it matched when my blogging itself dwindled into hardly anything a month. As I’ve gotten back into reading, I’ve seen a lot of inspiration every where, and here are a few looks I love:

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