OOTD: New Year’s Eve / OMCZ Blogger-Inspired

So…….. a few weeks back, the lovely ladies in the OMCZ challenge wore outfits inspired by a fellow blogger. It was kinda the theme that I submitted (ok, it just was), and I kinda never posted it/dressed for it, etc. Basically, I was a sucky blogger and dropped the ball.

Well the time had passed, and even though I knew who I wanted to dress like and what I wanted to wear, it didn’t feel appropriate to do the post — until New Year’s Eve.

I’ve been following Sarah Anne from Big Hips Red Lips for years, and while I love the various clothing items she wears and her makeup, it’s her attitude and self confidence that really draws me in. To me, she’s sultry and sweet all at the same time. She seems like a girl who stands up for herself and knows her worth. I love that she wears body conscious styles, and that’s where I took my inspiration.


Many women shy away from any dress that shows a visible belly line — including myself! But sometimes I want to wear a body-con dress, and I have stomach that will show through, especially in pictures. I still loved wearing this dress and felt amazing in it.


This dress was a bit of a risk for buying. Evans’ carries this Scarlett and Jo dress, but it only goes up to a size US 22 (their other items have a larger size range), and I typically wear a larger size than that, but I went for it. I could definitely use it in a size up, but it fits much larger than I expected (it’s on sale now for $42! And it comes in many other colors and prints), so if you are a size US 24/26 and are okay with body conscious styles, then go for it!


Sometimes you have to take fashion risks, and I’m always happy when a blogger inspires me to step out of my comfort zone. This is my last OMCZ post (because I am not routined enough for timed posts), so check out the participating bloggers below if you want to follow the series through them!

 Are there any styles that you shy away from but want to try soon? What bloggers shape your style? Let me know in the comments!

OMCZ: Horizontal Stripes

I was really excited when I heard the theme for this week’s Out of My Comfort Zone post. I wore horizontal stripes pre-finding fatshion blogs, but once I started finding bloggers, I really, really began loving it. It’s a big revelation when you finally see that you have nixed out various items, patterns, etc just because of old rules heard over and over again. Beka picked this theme, and she reasoned it perfectly:

“I decided on horizontal stripes as I think these can still be seen as something that makes some people feel larger than they are. Well what rubbish! I want to see you all rocking the burglar look!” 

I knew immediately that I wanted to wear my City Chic pencil skirt that I bought at the end of the summer season. This skirt is not-so wintery, but if you’re like me, then you are probably used to making mad dashes from a car to a building to avoid the cold :). I paired it with a chambray top, red/coral accessories, and animal print low heels. I have no idea if the shoes make sense, but I thought they were cute in how they clashed, so whatevs 🙂



This skirt is a AU 24, which is not at all my pant size, but it fits really well (and I’m not wearing any type of spanx here so if you wanted a smoother look you could get that). I’m not sure if all City Chic skirts run large, but I definitely recommend them for those who have large hips. It’s very rare for me to find pencil skirts that are built for larger hips, as they are usually cut much straighter through the waist and bottom hem.


Besides putting this skirt to its first use, I was also able to wear this Amrita Singh ring that I bought YEARS ago but haven’t worn often. This is also another “rule” breaker because it’s a big ring on a little finger. I have short fingers. I always will. There’s no way I’m going to nix all statement rings because of my short fingers.

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Old Navy chambray top, City Chic pencil skirt, Amrita Singh ring bough via ideeli.com, and Target heels similar

How do you wear horizontal stripes?

P.S. The next OMCZ challenge’s theme is my pick! Can’t wait to do it 🙂

OMCZ: Pick Our Own

Eek, late for this week’s OMCZ, BUT I really enjoyed it! This week’s theme was “pick your own” way of breaking out of your comfort zone.

OMCZAs much as I have worn dresses out to events and on this blog, there is one place that I go to often that I have never worn a dress to: to work. I teach at a university. I walk around campus all day and then I’m up and down during my classes. It has to be a very, very comfortable dress for me to consider wearing it to class. Kiyonna had sent me their Trinity Twist Dress (I already had the top version), and I knew it would be perfect for school because of the soft and light weight material and the length of the dress (right below my knees).


It’s finally feeling fall-ish in NC, so I went with an accent scarf and a denim jacket. This made it super easy to wear all day. Whether I was teaching or in my cold office, I felt comfortable and chic. 

When I first started blogging, I was surprised how many people in the fatshion/plus-size fashion community wore dresses all of the time. I grew up in jeans. I wore jeans EVERYWHERE (a lot of times accompanied by flip flops), so dresses have always felt a little odd, even though I am getting more and more used to them. Dresses are definitely more comfortable than some of my dress pants, so it looks like I will need to continue pushing OMCZ at work.



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Are there certain kinds of clothing items you hold back from wearing at work or school (not necessarily inappropriate but outside of your comfort zone)? 

*Kiyonna gifted me the Trinity Twist Dress. All opinions expressed are my own. (It’s a wonderful piece–and on sale right now!)


OMCZ: Nightwear

This OMCZ challenge is a little funny because if there is any kind of clothing that will keep me in my comfort zone, it is very much so my nightwear. I am the most picky person with what I wear to bed. It can’t be pants because they will get caught up under me as I sleep. I can possibly do a short dress, but I will find myself swaddled like a baby in that too. When I walk around the house in “loungewear”, I do awful things like wear once-expensive basic dresses/sundresses that look like I have beaten them up and that they only would cost $5. For as much as I love to dress up, when I dress down, I dress really down.

So, this challenge made me think about when nightwear is important to me, and honestly I can only remember purposefully buying pajamas around Christmas time every year.

When I was in high school, me and my friends all bought onesies or footie pajamas. We would wear them on band trips or basically just to have a laugh. They became a staple in my Christmas morning look because there was nothing that awakened the Christmas spirit like channeling the child inside myself and making everyone else slightly uncomfortable at the same time.


As I outgrew the onesies, my next holiday pj of choice were the themed pj pants from Old Navy. Every year, all of their sections including plus get holiday print pjs.

cn6979587(their Halloween styles are out now)

As for nightwear, I’m about as boring as boring gets. Let’s hope the other ladies in the OMCZ challenge take their nightwear a little more creatively:


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Do you take your nightwear seriously or are you like me and basically have it as the last thing you think about?

OMCZ: Stand Out from the Crowd

It’s been quite awhile (a year!) since I’ve participated in collaborative blogging challenges (I used to be a part of Five Take), and recently I was inspired by a group of bloggers doing themed posts called Outside of My Comfort Zone. Their mission is to push the boundaries they have either adhered to or unknowingly kept and try new things fashion-wise that aid in confidence and body acceptance. I had been following their posts for awhile, but it was Rachel’s post about Fashion Rules that kind of shook me and reminded me that I still have a really hard time getting out of my own comfort zones. I may have different comfort zones than a few years ago, but I still find myself sliding back into old habits (jeans + tshirt has been my jam this summer). I asked these lovely ladies if I could join, and here I am taking on my first post.


This week Rachel chose the theme Stand Out from the Crowd. I think we can all on some level relate to the desire to fit in to a crowd and not draw attention (hello, high school). There’s certain situations where I feel confident to stick out, such as in a classroom, but there are also situations or ways of being that I shrink away from. The one I have the absolute hardest time with is dressing “sexy” (whatever that is). I can go out with friends and they are willing to own their sexual appeal, but not me. I even feel awkward writing about it.

While I will always be a more conservative dresser, I need to work on allowing myself to be and feel sexy, and for me that translated into a well fitted dress and red lips.




This City Chic dress is my kind of sexy. It fits closely up top and flares at the hip, enhancing my natural body shape. I love the white piping. It’s simple, but that’s me. Red lips are always sexy to me. I wore Revlon’s Just Bitten Lip Balm Stain in Romance.

While “sexy” is my Stand Out from the Crowd look, others may have took on that theme completely differently. Check them out below:

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and Rachel at Happyness Magnet (will be back in September)


City Chic Dress, Urban Outfitters heels, eBay clutch

Do you struggle to stand out from the crowd? How so? How would you have taken on this theme?