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My Favorite Make Up Products for an Every Day Look

May 25, 2016

I started wearing make up in middle school, just simple things like lip balm and blue eyeshadow :-p. About 15 years later, I finally feel like I’m starting to get a hang of this make up game, mostly due to finding the right products for my face and a little help from youtube. I thought I’d post my favorite products for you to see, and risk never having someone love me again because of the faces I’m making here.

Step One: Starting a base


My biggest issue with achieving a look I want is the dark circles under my eyes (which always lead people to ask me if I’m sick or tired), and blue-ish tones under various parts of my skin (yay for being Italian). The blue-ish tones are an issue for people who have PCOS as well. I always start my make up process with a CC cream, which is a color corrector product. I have blue, yellow, red tone — all over! Almay’s CC cream is very light, and while it does even out my tones slightly, I mostly use it because it has the right amount of moisture for my skin and sets a good base. I love the way my skin feels after using it. I apply this with a wedge sponge.

Step Two: Concealing dark spots


The CC cream does not, however, cover the blue tones on my face. I have tried so many concealers. Read that very slowly because my search for a good concealer really was a multi-year struggle. But I found one!! That I LOVE! I finally broke down and went into Sephora and explained my issues with my blue tones. The person who helped me let me take a sample of Benefit’s Erase Paste in Fair and their brand’s color correcting product. As soon as I started using the Erase Paste, I knew it was what I was looking for. The consistency is kind of pastey. It’s a little sticky, and that works well for getting it to not just come right off as you apply it. I put it under my eyes, above my upper lip, and chin, and then I use a cheap beauty blender to even it out. You can put this on heavier or lighter depending on your need. Again, LOVE this product. It’s awesome!

Step Three: Applying foundation


I’ve used different kinds of foundation. I’ve tried Bare Minerals powder foundation, and then their liquid foundation. I saw that a good number of youtube vloggers were using Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Stick, and I was looking for more coverage and decided to go for it. I had someone in Sephora color match for me, which worked in my favor because I would have bought one that was too light. I like that this product can be applied lighter or heavier. Right now I put a swipe on both cheeks, chin, and forehead, and then I use a brush to blend it all over.

Step Four: Warming up


I used to just want to cover blemishes. I would only use concealers and foundations, completely washing out any color from my face. I learned that when you make a base (foundation), you have to add back color, which is why so many women do contouring. I don’t often use the Mary Kay Bronzer because it is pretty strong, but sometime I will use it for slight contouring. I mostly use this Physician’s Formula Bronzer in “Healthy Glow” (almost out in my pic!), and it just adds a little warmth back to my face without it being too strong.

Step Five: Blush


Blush is the product that I have the hardest time with in determining what is too much or too little. I remember my mom telling me that I needed to wear it (again, I used to wash myself out with just foundation), and so I started wearing it. It surprised me that this Sephora blush in a pink-orange color looked most “natural” for me when wearing it (Color 05). It matched my own natural blush. I sometimes apply this and then need more or need to rub a little off. Hmm.. make up is hard sometimes🙂.

Step Six: Eye focus


I don’t often wear eye shadow or eyeliner, but if I do want eye shadow, I reach for this really easy bronze color from Mary Kay. I’ll admit that I was skeptical of Mary Kay (I am about most companies who have this seller model for some reason), but I really like some of their products–this being one! It’s their cream eye shadow in iced cocoa, and I really like the consistency as well as the pigmented color. I also really like their mascara. Mascara was also a hard thing for me to find. I used Bare Minerals for a long time, but their version started clumping really easily and didn’t make my eyelashes pop. I now use Mary Kay’s Ultimate Mascara, and I don’t plan on finding a new mascara any time soon.

Step Seven: Final touches


I don’t really do lipsticks or lip glosses. I get annoyed with them or the color looks off on me. Lip balm is my go to, though. I really like Burt’s Bee’s Tinted Lip Balm. I’m wearing Red Dahlia here, which is their darkest color. I also like their Rose color (brighter red) and their Zinnia color (orange/coral). I also included images of two other products I sometimes use: NYX highlighter and Make Up For Ever Microfinish Powder.

I am in no way a make up expert, but I am happy to say that I have found things that work for me — a make up look that makes me feel good and matches how I like to look. I am still open to finding good eyeliners and blush tips or any other great finds you’ve come across, so if you have any, please leave them in the comments!

P.S. Please say you still love me after seeing these pictures🙂

A Week of Travels

May 22, 2016

The past month of my life has been a whirlwind of activities. Between finishing up the semester, having a heap of grading to complete, attending a bunch of events, and trying to make time for sleep, I was exhausted and a little concerned about my long week of traveling. I was looking forward to these trips for awhile, but I hadn’t considered that I would have been so busy leading up to the trips. My apartment was a mess, I was having to stay up late at night to pack — yikes! Luckily, I did make it on the road, got through some storms on the way, and ended up having a good time.


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What I Learned from My First Romantic Relationship at 27

May 20, 2016
Content warning: In this post I discuss my history with dating, mine and other’s ways of seeing fat bodies, and assumptions and beliefs I held and hold about dating. My narrative here implies relationships are heterosexual and monogamous, which is just the way I envision and have my personal romantic relationships. I know that romantic relationships can be structured and experienced in multiple ways, so I wanted to warn about my limited discussion here.


Most people have entered the dating world long before 27, and I suppose I had my few experiences talking to and “dating” a few people throughout my late teens and early twenties. It wasn’t until late into my 27th year, though, that I met someone that I actually dated, someone who I talked to every day, saw multiple times a week, and formed a relationship with.

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OOTD: Going Geometric

October 23, 2015

Today I’m attending an academic conference about writing, so I decided on a professional but fun dress by Anna Scholz for Simply Be. 

What are you wearing today? 

OOTD: One Very Special Day

October 21, 2015

Wooohooo! Wedding day post! Not mine, of course, because I am perpetually single, but my brother and Brittany’s! This day was so perfect. A week and a half prior we were having non-stop rain, so the glorious sun and slightly chilled autumn air felt truly magical. The wedding was at an outdoor venue, and was decorated beautifully. Everyone was in a good mood (which for my family is sometimes hard :-p), and the bride and groom’s joy was palpable.

Figuring out what to wear to an evening, outdoor wedding of your sibling is a little complicated (or maybe I just made it that way). I knew it would be cool/cold, so I wanted long sleeves and a long length, not so easy to find! So many dresses in plus sizes are sleeveless, and it was hard to find a long dress that wasn’t styled like a summer-time maxi dress. I found a dress through ASOS, but it hugged my stomach. I went back and forth about wearing it because, while I liked the dress and felt good in it, the idea of seeing so many people from high school and having formal pictures taken reared my insecurity’s ugly head for weeks. Let’s just say that 5 years later with blogging about my body size and fashion, I’m realizing that body acceptance is constant work and practice for me. I finally just went for it. I liked the style and the color, and I was going to have to just get over the fact that it hugged my stomach and that it would show in pictures.

I was right. It did hug my stomach, especially in pictures, but I also felt awesome and confident in it all night. My confidence made the night fun and memorable. I danced, I played off awkward moments well, I talked to people I hadn’t seen in years and people that I just met, and I was able to forget my insecurity enough to put the attention where it needed to be: Danny, Brittany, family, and friends.

My cousin, Blythe, and me – She’s now my roomie!


This moment was one where you are forced to recognize how adult your little brother is. I’m really proud of the man he is and how he values Brittany as a partner.

raIMG_5494 raIMG_5575

Mom and me


Dress from ASOS and necklace from Charming Charlie


Sister Katie and me


I mean, look at my brother’s smile🙂. So happy for them both. Love you, Danny and Brittany!

OOTD: Dressing Up for a Rehearsal Dinner

October 18, 2015

This weekend was my brother’s wedding, and he married the wonderful Brittany, who you may recognize because she came with me to FFFWeek back in 2013. It was a really exciting weekend, and we had been looking forward to these events for months. I probably (most definitely) had been worrying about what to wear to both the rehearsal dinner and wedding a little too much, but the weekend came and all went well. I’ll have to discuss shopping for a dress in another post because as much as we like to think plus size fashion has gotten so much more accessible, shopping size 24+ is still an overwhelmingly frustrating experience.

But! Back to the good stuff :) 

My sister Katie put in so much time decorating and setting up for the rehearsal dinner, which was held in my parents’ back yard. It was beautiful! She painted jars, set up candle displays, made bouquets. and set up a loving mood.


I had originally planned to wear an olive green dress from ASOS, but I wasn’t completely happy with the dress, so I decided to keep looking. A couple days before the rehearsal dinner, I decided to check out Dillards at my local mall. I don’t think I’ve ever shopped there before. I imagined it to be like Kohl’s, but it’s definitely not. I was really impressed with how many semi-formal options they had, and how large of a space their plus size selection was housed in. I ended up finding this sparkly Jessica Howard dress that is 100x better in person than through pictures. I had to laugh because the dress was a size 22, and I must have tried on 10+ dresses in a size 24 that didn’t fit. I had given up on finding anything in store when I spotted this number, and it was on super-sale for $35!


I finished the look with gray wedges from Target and earrings and a bracelet from Charming Charlies.



My sister Katie and brother-in-law Brandon


Brittany and me


The whole gang of Agosta siblings and spouses.

P.S. I’m officially the only one (out of 4 total) of my siblings who is still single and unmarried. Do I win an award? I should get something for always ending up on the end of the table or the end of pictures 😉

I’ll share picture from the wedding soon, and will continue to blog sporadically on here. Thanks for checking in every couple months!

Review: Eloquii’s Extended Sizing

August 10, 2015

Last night I posted on Instagram that I had gone a wee bit overboard with purchasing new items from Eloquii. I’ve been checking them out since their relaunch, and I was really happy to see that they began extending their size range from 14-24 to 14-28 in select styles. I wasn’t in the market, at the time, to get those items though. I also was a little apprehensive about the sizing. Since I wear their new top size, I figured that the items would most likely be too small. I don’t know why I thought this… I guess because finding items that fit at Lane Bryant was even an issue, so I assumed a new(er) brand would fit even worse. First they came out with skirts and pants, but now they’ve started offering more types of items and styles.

I decided to try out a skirt and a dress at first. When those fit really well, I went for other tops, pants, and jackets. I think I bought maybe 10-12 pieces in the span of 2 weeks, which is a lot, but I also got them at really good prices (around 40-50% off of each item). Eloquii has the best sales, so keep an eye out for them. Anyway, long story short: people expressed that they’d like to hear more about the fit of the extended sizes. Like I was, they were nervous to try them out, so here are a few items that I purchased and my thoughts on the fit.

A note about my shape: I’m 5’4″ with a pretty long torso compared to my legs. I carry the majority if my weight in my lower abdomen, hips, and backside. I also have large arms that make fitting into some tops hard.


Textured Strip Fit and Flare Dress

I feel like this dress looks much better in person than it does in this photo. I really like the shape and material of this dress. It’s a good medium weight with plenty of stretch. It hits me below the knee. The waist is dropped lower than most other dresses that I have, so I like that it is a different shape for me. For people taller, the line might hit them at the upper waistline. I see this as a great dress for work, so the high neckline is a plus. I plan on playing around with jackets, sweaters, and belts for different looks with this dress.


Kady Fit Pant in Black Forest

I really love the fall colors they are putting out with this fit. I got this color, which is a beautiful deep blue-green, and the Merlot. In the extended sizes, Eloquii only offers this pant in their regular inseam. If you are size 14-24, they offer petites and talls. The inseam works well for me, but I am 5’4″. I could imagine that this would be short on taller people. I am using up the entire width of the pant though, so if you are smaller than me then it might lay differently. Fitwise, the legs fit me perfectly, but the waist, right at the closure, was a little tight. The fabric does have some stretch, so I was able to still wear them. I might have to reinforce the button because they are a little tight. As you can see in my side pic though, I’m at my widest at the closure, so it makes sense that it’s tighter there.


Classic Faux Leather Moto Jacket in Wine

With this piece worn open, it’s almost a little big on me, mostly because there is extra room in the shoulders and arms. I do like it a lot though, and once I’m wearing sweaters and bulkier clothing, I’ll be happy for the extra room. I like how high quality this piece it. The sleeves have zippers at the wrist, so I unzipped those and rolled up the sleeves. Rolled down, the sleeves are a little long on me, which is very typical for how items fit me. eloquiitopandskirtsize28

Printed Full Midi Skirt and Empire Flare Top

I promise I have legs under that skirt. I also promise that it hits me right below the knees. Besides the bad angle, I really like this skirt! I could have probably sized down once, and I’m finding that might be the case for most of their skirts (I have another on the way, so I’ll see then). Because this skirt is not form-fitting, you’re really trying to size it to wear it will sit on your body. Since it’s on my waist, I could go down one, but this still works too. The fabric on the skirt will keep its shape and not wrinkle. It has has a good bit of stretch. Definitely a comfortable piece!

The top is a style that I would wear to work. The sleeves sit on a weird part of my arm, but they are meant to be 3/4. Again, with sleeves mostly running too long on me, this makes sense. I might have it altered. This top felt like it was made for the shape of my body. I appreciate tops that have more space around the hip area🙂.
eloquiitopsize28Ponte Faux Leather Peplum Top

I was worried that this top’s sleeves would be too short, but they fit all right. For the most part I like the fit of this top. Next time I would wear it with jeans that had a higher rise so that my waistband wouldn’t create a crease. I’d also like another inch or two on the hem so that if this top rides up then it will look okay. This top along with the dress shows me that my waistline is a little higher than their fit.

Overall, I’m excited to have another option for finding items that fit (and fit well!). I feel like my work wardrobe is already much better just for the options that the Kady pant offers. Good bye days of only wearing black or gray pants! 

Have any of you tried Eloquii in the extended sizes? If you have a different shape or height than me, it’d be great to hear about your experience with their items!