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Review: Eloquii’s Extended Sizing

August 10, 2015

Last night I posted on Instagram that I had gone a wee bit overboard with purchasing new items from Eloquii. I’ve been checking them out since their relaunch, and I was really happy to see that they began extending their size range from 14-24 to 14-28 in select styles. I wasn’t in the market, at the time, to get those items though. I also was a little apprehensive about the sizing. Since I wear their new top size, I figured that the items would most likely be too small. I don’t know why I thought this… I guess because finding items that fit at Lane Bryant was even an issue, so I assumed a new(er) brand would fit even worse. First they came out with skirts and pants, but now they’ve started offering more types of items and styles.

I decided to try out a skirt and a dress at first. When those fit really well, I went for other tops, pants, and jackets. I think I bought maybe 10-12 pieces in the span of 2 weeks, which is a lot, but I also got them at really good prices (around 40-50% off of each item). Eloquii has the best sales, so keep an eye out for them. Anyway, long story short: people expressed that they’d like to hear more about the fit of the extended sizes. Like I was, they were nervous to try them out, so here are a few items that I purchased and my thoughts on the fit.

A note about my shape: I’m 5’4″ with a pretty long torso compared to my legs. I carry the majority if my weight in my lower abdomen, hips, and backside. I also have large arms that make fitting into some tops hard.


Textured Strip Fit and Flare Dress

I feel like this dress looks much better in person than it does in this photo. I really like the shape and material of this dress. It’s a good medium weight with plenty of stretch. It hits me below the knee. The waist is dropped lower than most other dresses that I have, so I like that it is a different shape for me. For people taller, the line might hit them at the upper waistline. I see this as a great dress for work, so the high neckline is a plus. I plan on playing around with jackets, sweaters, and belts for different looks with this dress.


Kady Fit Pant in Black Forest

I really love the fall colors they are putting out with this fit. I got this color, which is a beautiful deep blue-green, and the Merlot. In the extended sizes, Eloquii only offers this pant in their regular inseam. If you are size 14-24, they offer petites and talls. The inseam works well for me, but I am 5’4″. I could imagine that this would be short on taller people. I am using up the entire width of the pant though, so if you are smaller than me then it might lay differently. Fitwise, the legs fit me perfectly, but the waist, right at the closure, was a little tight. The fabric does have some stretch, so I was able to still wear them. I might have to reinforce the button because they are a little tight. As you can see in my side pic though, I’m at my widest at the closure, so it makes sense that it’s tighter there.


Classic Faux Leather Moto Jacket in Wine

With this piece worn open, it’s almost a little big on me, mostly because there is extra room in the shoulders and arms. I do like it a lot though, and once I’m wearing sweaters and bulkier clothing, I’ll be happy for the extra room. I like how high quality this piece it. The sleeves have zippers at the wrist, so I unzipped those and rolled up the sleeves. Rolled down, the sleeves are a little long on me, which is very typical for how items fit me. eloquiitopandskirtsize28

Printed Full Midi Skirt and Empire Flare Top

I promise I have legs under that skirt. I also promise that it hits me right below the knees. Besides the bad angle, I really like this skirt! I could have probably sized down once, and I’m finding that might be the case for most of their skirts (I have another on the way, so I’ll see then). Because this skirt is not form-fitting, you’re really trying to size it to wear it will sit on your body. Since it’s on my waist, I could go down one, but this still works too. The fabric on the skirt will keep its shape and not wrinkle. It has has a good bit of stretch. Definitely a comfortable piece!

The top is a style that I would wear to work. The sleeves sit on a weird part of my arm, but they are meant to be 3/4. Again, with sleeves mostly running too long on me, this makes sense. I might have it altered. This top felt like it was made for the shape of my body. I appreciate tops that have more space around the hip area🙂.
eloquiitopsize28Ponte Faux Leather Peplum Top

I was worried that this top’s sleeves would be too short, but they fit all right. For the most part I like the fit of this top. Next time I would wear it with jeans that had a higher rise so that my waistband wouldn’t create a crease. I’d also like another inch or two on the hem so that if this top rides up then it will look okay. This top along with the dress shows me that my waistline is a little higher than their fit.

Overall, I’m excited to have another option for finding items that fit (and fit well!). I feel like my work wardrobe is already much better just for the options that the Kady pant offers. Good bye days of only wearing black or gray pants! 

Have any of you tried Eloquii in the extended sizes? If you have a different shape or height than me, it’d be great to hear about your experience with their items!

One Skirt, Two Looks

August 5, 2015

A couple months ago I ordered Kiyonna’s Uptown Faux Wrap Skirt in black and white, and I received it right before I went to the beach with my sister. When I say right before, I mean it. I brought the package unopened on the trip and figured I’d try them on at the beach. As soon as I put them on, I was so very impressed. Usually body-hugging skirts will be too-body-hugging for me to want to wear them, but it felt like this skirt was made for my body, and the fabric was both thick enough to lay nicely while also stretchy enough to conform to my shape. For this post, I went with more casual looks, but like most of Kiyonna’s clothing, this piece can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

raIMG_0924 raIMG_0926 raIMG_0942

Worn with an Old Navy print tank, Old Navy tote bag, and Target sandals

raIMG_0973Worn with an Old Navy chambray top and Target sandals

Rating of Kiyonna’s Uptown Faux Wrap Skirt: Two thumbs up! It is lined, and it hid my tucked in black tank top. The material is very comfortable, so sitting, standing, walking, etc. will not be an issue. I personally love the folds and lines of the faux wrap.

P.S. Kiyonna is celebrating turning 19 for the month of August. Get 25% off your order with the code CANDLES25. Code not valid on certain items (see their website for details).

How would you wear this skirt?

If you’ve worn it differently and have it up on instagram or a blog, link it in the comments🙂

*I purchased this skirt on my own, but I am still part of Kiyonna’s Blogger Brigade, so you may or may not see these pictures on their website and social media. All opinions are my own.

OOTD: A Weekend at the Beach

June 21, 2015

On Thursday my sister Katie and I headed out to Virginia Beach for a mini-vacation and my friend Courtney’s wedding. As soon as we got to our hotel, we put our swimsuits on and headed out to the beach. From talking to various plus size women, it seems like swimsuits are one of the harder types of clothing to find and suggest, and I think it’s because they really are so individual to our bodies. Even within a specific brand, one swimsuit can fit me well and one will not fit me at all. Some advice that often gets said is “try everything on – even items not in the plus size section”, and I’ve been known to roll my eyes a time or two at that saying because it may work for smaller plus sizes but often doesn’t for me — well swimsuits are one area where the “try EVERYTHING” method works well for me. In one of the plus size groups I’m involved in, people were talking about wearing bras under swimsuits, and I think that’s a possibility too, especially for those who are very top heavy. Do what makes you feel secure and comfortable.

For me, that was wearing a swim top from Target’s maternity line. Yes, maternity line. They are cut with snugger support in the chest and more room in the hips/tummy – perfect for my shape. A couple weeks ago, I couldn’t find my higher waist bottoms, so I wore shapewear bottoms from Catherines that do not fit tight. I ended up liking them better, and they are swim-ish material, so I wore those as bottoms. So yea, this is like the Frankenstein of swimsuit outfits but it works perfectly for me.

photo 3 (20)

Swim top: Target & Shapewear bottoms: Catherines


That night we headed out for a quick dinner. I wore a really basic outfit with a black high neck tank from Old Navy, Torrid jeans, Nine West Outlet sandals, and BaubleBar earrings.

photo 4 (19)

The next morning we woke up and had breakfast along the beach and boardwalk. Mimosa + Eggs Benedict = Amazing!


Saturday evening we headed out to Courtney’s wedding. I felt the need to document my hair and make up because I knew the heat and humidity would ruin it all haha🙂. I wasn’t wrong!

photo 3 (22)

The ceremony was beautiful. I haven’t seen Courtney in 2-3 years, so it was really a treat to hear her voice again and see her.

photo 1 (32)

opphoto 4 (21)

opphoto 4 (20)


I wore an H&M maxi dress, which I super love.


Overall, it was a wonderful (but short) getaway, and it was even more special because it was spent with my sister🙂

OOTD: Love, Keep

June 11, 2015

In my last post I talked about how much I was into the Bardot/off the shoulder tops, and I found myself, yet again, wearing one out today. When you like something, you just like it, ya know? I’ll take a cue from my shopping bag: If you love it, keep it. I wore this to meet up with a friend for dinner and a little shopping, and she snapped a couple pics outside of the mall.


This top is one of three Bardot tops that I ordered from ASOS, and the only one that I ended up keeping. I love the cuffs and how they make the top more dressy. The fabric is flowy and light, but it isn’t very breathable, so I’m reserving this one for cooler days or nights out.

photo (8)

My earrings are from a local store called The Jewel Box. They specialize in simple jewelry, monogrammed items (southerners love their monogrammed things), and Pandora bracelets, and their prices are always great. I think these earrings were under $8.

theplussideofmesummeroutfit1Flowy top from ASOS, Dark Rinse* jeans from Torrid, Sandals from Nine West Outlet (similar), and earrings from The Jewel Box.

*My last post featured Torrid’s “Dark Wash” jeggings, and these are the “Dark Rinse”. They have very similar names, but this style is darker and does not have any shading/color differences in the style.

For those wondering about the Loft bag, I picked up two metal headbands and a springy/summery scarf, all for under $15. Love a good bargain find🙂.

What are some of your love, keep styles?

OOTD: The Summer of Freckled Shoulders

June 8, 2015

Oh, hey! Remember me? I’ve come out of my cave for this wonderful thing called summer, and I thought I’d come back to my blog and start showing you my favorite things I’m wearing this season. I’m noticing already that I am attracted to clothing that shows off my shoulders: strapless dresses, maxis with racer backs, and lots and lots of Bardot/off the shoulder tops. This can only lead to one thing: freckled shoulders.arIMG_0767

Today’s look is very relaxed. Something casual that works for going shopping, meeting with friends, or possibly even work, depending on the dress expectations. I wore this out to go to Target and to do some work at Starbucks. I started with just the top, jeans, and sandals, but I ran across this necklace at Target and added it to the outfit.


I’ve noticed that since I’ve slowed down on blogging, my style has gotten even simpler, especially when it is hot, so a 4-piece outfit is perfect for me. Instead of accessorizing my outfit a lot, I’ve been messing around with make-up more, not that you can tell much in these pictures(!). The next thing I want to tackle is learning some more hairstyles that I can easily do, especially casual up-dos.

arIMG_0722PinkClove Top, Torrid Jeans, Target Sandals (similar), Target Necklace

A little update on life: I’m still enjoying apartment life. I’ve just begun really enjoying living alone, but I think it’s because I’m on break and social life is easy again. No worries, though, because my cousin is moving in with me on July 1st, so there will be a whole new adventure for both of us (and a cat companion for Lola!). Teaching at the university has been great, and I was given a longer contract to continue teaching there. I also took a class this past semester to get back into research and figure out if I want to keep furthering my education (maybe in a few years?), and I’m doing a 3-week institute with the National Writing Project this summer. I’ve started a blog that will be all about writing stuff for NWP, so you can check that out here. Next year my teaching load decreases (only 2 classes), and I’ll step into a leadership role that helps run our university’s writing center (tutoring center). I’m excited, but I also think I like to punish myself a bit — I seem to never let myself get comfortable before I take on something new, but I guess that’s half the fun🙂. I’m going to try to keep updating my blog, but I am best at keeping Instagram up, so check it out if you also have an account.

What are you loving to wear this summer? 

OOTD: My Current Go-To Fall Outfit

October 19, 2014

Last night was my sister, Katie’s, annual anniversary bonfire. Her and her husband were celebrating 9 years married together (woot!). Never to miss a fashion moment, I pulled out my go-to fall outfit. I seriously wear some version of this 2 (*cough* 3) times a week. I also got to use two of my newest items, boots that actually zip all the way up and a new winter coat.


I purchased this H&M sweater a couple of weeks ago and realized the first time I wore it that it was the perfect fall sweater. The fabric is so soft, and it drapes and skims, which is what I like in the fall. I was going to buy another copy of this, but it sold out fast. I also purchased this scarf from H&M (not offered online, similar here). Again, the fabric is incredibly soft, and it’s long enough for me to knot and wear in many different ways.


I’ve been wearing Torrid’s jeggings since I got to try a pair at FFFWeek years ago, and I’ve always worn their regular length that hit me below my ankle. I finally decided to invest in the short length jeggings, and they fit perfectly, hitting right at the ankle. I also invested in boots, and let’s just say I didn’t have high hopes. Almost every “wide width” boot is not wide enough for me. I looked into Simply Be’s offerings and it seemed like I just fit into their size chart. When you purchase boots there, make sure you look at the calf sizes (curvy plus, etc) and the amount of E’s. I went with this style, and they do fit well. I’ve only worn them once, and I noticed that with driving and walking around they shimmied down and made the ankle area baggy. I’m hoping to figure out how to fix this soon, but if that’s my only problem then I can handle it.

I also recently purchased this Anorak jacket from Torrid with a Haute Cash coupon code. Without the code, the jacket is a bit pricey, but it is very well made and warm for winter. I could see myself using this even in really cold weather because it is lined with sherpa fabric. I love the faux-leather details, especially the shoulders and elbow patches, and you can remove the hood (yay for versatility!). My cousin Blythe and soon-to-be sister-in-law Brittany got in on the photo session as well.


What’s been your fall go-to outfit so far? 

Kiyonna Gives: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 3, 2014

I’ve gotten to work with Kiyonna many times over the last year, but, when they told me about their campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I was really excited to share with you what they are doing and what you can do to participate in raising awareness and money for a breast cancer foundation of Kiyonna’s choice. One in 1,000 men and 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and Kiyonna, with the help of you, wants to spread the word and help to find a cure.

For the entire month of October, Kiyonna is selling a Pretty in Pink option of their Sunset Stroll Bellini where 100% of their proceeds (75% of wholesale sales) go to an accredited breast cancer foundation. Along with the bellini proceeds, Kiyonna wants to spread the word by using the hashtags #ShowYourPink and #KiyonnaGives. Their goal is to have women across the country show their pink, whether it be their bellini or their other favorite pink fashion piece on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  At the end of the month Kiyonna will research the hashtag and donate $1 for every participating #ShowYourPink that includes #KiyonnaGives.

I’ve taken some pictures with Kiyonna’s Pretty in Pink Sunset Stroll Bellini, and I’ll be tagging my photos/tweets and retweeting/reposting those of you I see in my feed participating in the hashtags. I hope you will join me in raising money and awareness for this cause!







Thank you, Brittany, for taking my pictures! Lola says you’re the best, too🙂



  • Sunset Stroll Bellini promotion is valid from 10/1/14 to 10/31/14.  Kiyonna Clothing will donate 100% of proceeds from the Pretty in Pink Sunset Stroll Bellini retail sales (and 75% of wholesale sales) to an accredited breast cancer foundation of their choice.
  • #ShowYourPink promotion is valid from 10/1/14 to 10/31/14.  Kiyonna Clothing will donate $1.00 for every Facebook, Instragram or Twitter post that includes a picture of something pink that represents fashion and/or breast cancer with the following hashtags (#ShowYourPink and #KiyonnaGives) with a cap of $5,000.00.  Picture must be tasteful and relevant to the cause in order to be eligible for donation.

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