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Earlier this week, I posted a couple outfits that needed your help. I liked the pieces, but together they weren’t making a complete look. Thank…


Earlier this week, I posted a couple outfits that needed your help. I liked the pieces, but together they weren’t making a complete look. Thank goodness, many of you came to my rescue and gave me great tips on how to make my looks better. There were many tips that I wanted to do, but because I didn’t have those items in my closet, I couldn’t quite pull it off, so I really had to take what you guys said and run with it in my own way.

Outfit #1

This look went from this…

to this…

I wanted to try the top with the very popular tip of red, but I own NO red tops. It seems kinda crazy that I don’t, but I worked at Target when I was in high school and had to wear a red top every time I worked. I think that’s enough to make you never want to wear it again :-P!!

The inspiration for this look was..

I like to wear basics and grade them up with (bright)color or another print. — Mode Plus

And maybe a turqoise chunky bracelet to go with it. — Ann-Charlotte

With the first outfit, I’d *love* to see the coral shoes and the long necklace from the post you did prior to this. — Bearly on Earth

I have that same blue striped cardi. I’m wearing it today w/a coral tank & fun jewelry. You could try something like that? — Beauty Plus Fashion (via Twitter)

So I took all of these great tips and looked at my closet. I liked the idea of wearing coral under the tank, so I put on my Target V-neck Tee, then added on the elephant necklace that Bearly on Earth suggested. In the color of the necklace, there is some turquoise, so I added on my Evan’s ring to bring in that detail.

What do you think about the changed look #1?

Outfit #2 was hard for me. I started to not even like the top!! I really wanted to use Gazel’s tip of wearing a chunky gold necklace, but I don’t own one (now that’s something I have to fix.)

So I took it from this…

to this..

I was iffy about the open-toed shoes, so I switched to close-toed shoes and felt much better about that. The advice I used as inspiration was…

Really bold tops seem to work better with your hair down or really dramatic (as in really large) accessories. — Queen Diva

Really what your outfits need to look “complete” is some chunky/big statement jewelry. — Gazel

“Grammas Philosophy”
If its fitting, make your hair fitting, if its loose, let your hair hang loose. — Happyness Magnet

I think you could have done a thick black corset belt just under the bust line. — The Merry Traveller

I added on a belt that didn’t affect the butterfly sleeves like I was worried about. Instead of putting on a big necklace, I chose to add in big earrings, that reflected the angular print of the top.

I also added on a shimmery gray tank underneath, that is more visible in person than in pictures. I don’t think this outfit is complete, but it’s getting there!

What about Look #2?

With all of your advice in mind, I decided to re-do an outfit that I hadn’t posted yet. I wanted to see if I could take your tips and apply it to something else, so here it is..

I wore this to school the other day, and it was different than the way I used to wear it, which was just a black top with the pants. I liked adding on the denim, and I also had on a purple ring.

With your notes in mind, I turned the look into this..

Mixing colors is very new to me. I typically thing gray/black must go with silver, and I’m trying to change how I think about it. I borrowed some bracelets from my mom to go with my necklace from Forever21.

The gold edge on the necklace inspired me to bring in other yellows and oranges.

I ended up really enjoying this experience. I was a little scared of the responses that I could have gotten, but I got great advice that I hope to carry through on future outfits. Also!! Thank you to everyone who commented. I really appreciate it :).

What do you think about these revised looks?


  1. LOVE the orange sweater with the stripped navy cardigan and the bracelets you borrowed from your mom are adorable!! Do you know where she got them (or did she make them)? It’s always helpful to know where to find larger bangles!!

    Keep blogging, you rock!!


  2. I absolutely LOVE your necklace in the last outfit! I saw a very similar one the other day (ive been looking for one for aaaaages) but as I got to the checkout I realised that it was broken 🙁 and it was the only one left! :'(
    I also think the denim jacket looks really cute on you! I cant wait to start wearing mine again when/if the sun finally comes out! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I was so excited when I found the necklace and Forever21’s prices are amazing! I didn’t get this jacket until Fall last year and now I want to wear it all of the time. It’s one of those purchases that’s worth every dollar!

  3. Amazing out transformations! Adding color and accessories is a great way to update an outfit! You look gorgeous as always…I really adore that kimono top!

  4. Love the new looks! I tend to do the matchy matchy thing too but love how the pop of color helps to make these looks so much more modern 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  5. The transformation is amazing! Each slight change gives these outfits a POP! 🙂 Thank you for posting my grammas philosophy! I know she is grinning from ear to ear 🙂 She always had the best advise!

  6. I think you did an amazing job using the advices. It ain’t that easy to incorporate other views in your wardrobe. I think you did a great job. You’ve just inspired me for something, will b emailing you.

  7. Hi Rebecca! I just started reading your blog and I must say I really like it. You are really beautiful and I wish I had the confidence you do. Plus size blogs like yours are really changing the way I see myself and hopefully one day soon maybe I will realize that being fat is not the worst thing in the world and that I do deserve to feel beautiful too. Thanks for sharing your life!


    1. Thank you so much, Maria. I truly appreciate the kind words. Just remember I was in the same situation as you a couple months ago. I was reading plus size blogs and totally taken aback by the amount of confidence these women showed. It’s possible for both of us to feel good in our own skin. I hope you keep reading blogs and thank you for commenting!

  8. I really love the kaftan top! You look super cute in all these outfits. And the belt is gorgeous. where did you get this from, i so need one wide belt like this!
    Nice Post!


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