Earlier this week, I posted a couple outfits that needed your help. I liked the pieces, but together they weren’t making a complete look. Thank goodness, many of you came to my rescue and gave me great tips on how to make my looks better. There were many tips that I wanted to do, but because I didn’t have those items in my closet, I couldn’t quite pull it off, so I really had to take what you guys said and run with it in my own way.

Outfit #1

This look went from this…

to this…

I wanted to try the top with the very popular tip of red, but I own NO red tops. It seems kinda crazy that I don’t, but I worked at Target when I was in high school and had to wear a red top every time I worked. I think that’s enough to make you never want to wear it again :-P!!

The inspiration for this look was..

I like to wear basics and grade them up with (bright)color or another print. — Mode Plus

And maybe a turqoise chunky bracelet to go with it. — Ann-Charlotte

With the first outfit, I’d *love* to see the coral shoes and the long necklace from the post you did prior to this. — Bearly on Earth

I have that same blue striped cardi. I’m wearing it today w/a coral tank & fun jewelry. You could try something like that? — Beauty Plus Fashion (via Twitter)

So I took all of these great tips and looked at my closet. I liked the idea of wearing coral under the tank, so I put on my Target V-neck Tee, then added on the elephant necklace that Bearly on Earth suggested. In the color of the necklace, there is some turquoise, so I added on my Evan’s ring to bring in that detail.

What do you think about the changed look #1?

Outfit #2 was hard for me. I started to not even like the top!! I really wanted to use Gazel’s tip of wearing a chunky gold necklace, but I don’t own one (now that’s something I have to fix.)

So I took it from this…

to this..

I was iffy about the open-toed shoes, so I switched to close-toed shoes and felt much better about that. The advice I used as inspiration was…

Really bold tops seem to work better with your hair down or really dramatic (as in really large) accessories. — Queen Diva

Really what your outfits need to look “complete” is some chunky/big statement jewelry. — Gazel

“Grammas Philosophy”
If its fitting, make your hair fitting, if its loose, let your hair hang loose. — Happyness Magnet

I think you could have done a thick black corset belt just under the bust line. — The Merry Traveller

I added on a belt that didn’t affect the butterfly sleeves like I was worried about. Instead of putting on a big necklace, I chose to add in big earrings, that reflected the angular print of the top.

I also added on a shimmery gray tank underneath, that is more visible in person than in pictures. I don’t think this outfit is complete, but it’s getting there!

What about Look #2?

With all of your advice in mind, I decided to re-do an outfit that I hadn’t posted yet. I wanted to see if I could take your tips and apply it to something else, so here it is..

I wore this to school the other day, and it was different than the way I used to wear it, which was just a black top with the pants. I liked adding on the denim, and I also had on a purple ring.

With your notes in mind, I turned the look into this..

Mixing colors is very new to me. I typically thing gray/black must go with silver, and I’m trying to change how I think about it. I borrowed some bracelets from my mom to go with my necklace from Forever21.

The gold edge on the necklace inspired me to bring in other yellows and oranges.

I ended up really enjoying this experience. I was a little scared of the responses that I could have gotten, but I got great advice that I hope to carry through on future outfits. Also!! Thank you to everyone who commented. I really appreciate it :).

What do you think about these revised looks?