Five Take: Nautical

This week’s Five Take theme is nautical, and it seems really fitting since the weather is getting warm enough that everyone around here is getting…


This week’s Five Take theme is nautical, and it seems really fitting since the weather is getting warm enough that everyone around here is getting their boats  out on their initial runs and sweeping off their piers. I’m lucky enough to have grown up on the lake. Every summer I was able to swim and go out on boats. When I was in my early teens, we were lucky enough to have a jetski for a couple years, and the lake became my roadway. There was something really magical about being able to pick up my friends via the lake and then speed around to different areas. Since the lake tends to attract visitors, there was always new people to see and stalk (I was a pretty boy-crazy 13-year-old). In high school I took the lake for granted, but now that I’m back here I realize how lucky I am to live on a body of water. A treat that I probably won’t have pretty soon.

As much as I love the lake, nautical style is not something I tend to wear or own. I don’t have a single “anchor” themed item in my closet, and I only have one blue and white striped cardigan. Instead of focusing on what I didn’t have, I decided to build my outfit around a pair of red trousers that have been sitting in my closet for months. I got these from, and they are RED… loud, “nautical” red.

To calm down the red pants, I kept my outfit pretty simple with a white tank top and jean jacket.  I had originally envisioned this with my chambray top, but the blue was too light against the red. I braided the front on my hair and then also gave myself a side braid. Summer and braids go hand-in-hand for me.

Since I didn’t have an anchor necklace or anything that really seemed “nautical” to me, I added on a binoculars pendant necklace that I had purchased during my trip to Asheville. I love the idea of exploring, and the necklace reminded me of an old pair of my grandfather’s binoculars that my family now owns.

Lane Bryant jacket, Old Navy  tank top, Very trousers, Target shoes, Local Boutique necklace

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Do you like the nautical trend? If so, how do you wear it?


  1. I’m very jealous of the fact you live so close to open water AND have a boat. I LOVE boats. I dream of living on a house boat. I really like the red trousers – very cool! I haven’t quite found the “perfect” pair yet.

  2. You took on the nautical look very well. Love the red pants and the jacket and top. What would top it off would be some navy blue keds with maybe a red stripe around the shoe, or maybe some espedrilles with low wedges. Do you live on Lake Norman?

  3. Super cute! I love your red pants — I really need to try getting some of the brightly-hued slacks that have gotten popular recently. They’re so cute. I do love the nautical theme and have lots (read: way, way too many) navy blue and white striped shirts. I can think of five off the top of my head . . . it’s gotten ridiculous! But I love the look of red, white and blue together — so cute (and patriotic — woo!).

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