Happy New Year! I’m very excited for 2013, and I hope that it brings good things in my (and yours) career and personal life. I’ve started back with a new semester of teaching, hence my disappearing act, but I am back with one of my favorite outfits in awhile.

First, I was blown away by the amount of positive comments on my “Call for Help” post! I also felt like I let you all down just a little bit by not going with outfit #2. I’m glad that I ended up going with outfit #4, since we went to a bar where lots of people were wearing jeans and t-shirts, but now I know that I need to find another occasion to wear #2 to.

Now, on to my outfit. I don’t often wear pencil skirts (really, really rare), but I saw some pencils skirts on ASOS that really piqued my interest. The fit of a pencil skirt can either be my friend or foe, so I reached out on Twitter to see if the ASOS skirts ran large, and luckily for me, I have lots of blogger friends who gave me feedback on the sizing. The skirt runs US16-22, but it runs two sizes large. I decided to risk it, and I’m really happy that I did.



Once the skirt arrived, I realized that I could wear it lots of different ways with the same items. The material is stretchy, but it does not stretch out, so whether I pull it up for a shorter length or down for midi length, it’s going to hold its shape. I also liked that I could wear it with the seams in the right place for a symmetrical print (like above) or I could shift it for a more mixed pattern. For the midi-length, I added a belt to the sheer blouse.


I really like it midi-length for teaching in. Although I love dresses, I often don’t feel comfortable wearing them to work where I’m up and down all of the time, but this length feels very secure and the stretch means it’s going to move with me with whatever I’m doing.

I also wanted to do a shorter look with it and get a more casual feel. I wore the outfit below out to lunch with my mom, and it felt easy and comfortable. I’ve probably only worn a skirt out in public about 5 times in my entire life, and yet I didn’t feel nervous about it at all (and yes, I still get nervous wearing certain clothes in public).


And then finally, the silhouette I wear the least, a tucked in shirt with a longer skirt. I tried the top tucked in tight, but I liked it better billowy.


Torrid Sheer Blouse, ASOS Curve Skirt, New Look Inspire Wedges, JewelMint Necklace, Handmade Button Ring

So, if you can’t tell, I kind of love this skirt, and I highly recommend it, especially for those who are size 26/28 and can’t easily find skirts like this. I also bought the baroque print skirt, which is also really nice and fits perfectly. This shirt could fit someone a little larger, also. This plus the baroque are my first print skirts, but they won’t be my last :).

What do you think of the three looks? What do you like to wear with print skirts?